Things to Do in Florida Guide!

There's certainly no shortage of things to do in Florida!

We've gathered cool and exciting stuff to see and do in Florida, as well as some travel tips and ideas, all into one place, for your Florida beach vacations!

The balmy and beautiful weather in Florida, is what makes the Sunshine State so attractive for beach vacations!

Anyone who's ever heard of Florida, knows it's all about beaches and sunshine! But, after spending time on a favorite Florida beach, we're looking for fun activities in Florida!

There's lots of fun, action and adventure packed into this popular beach vacation state.

Here's some ideas and suggestions for things to do in Florida, when you need a break from the beach!

Florida Tourist Attractions
Some of the popular attractions in Florida: Cape Canaveral, Kennedy Space Centre, Gatorland, Busch Gardens, SeaWorld, Universal Studios, Walt Disney World Florida, Marineland Florida.

Florida Festivals
Due to it's balmy, pleasant year-round weather, Florida is the ideal place to host outdoor festivals. There's festivals to celebrate a plethora of different interests...Festivals to celebrate the fine arts include film festivals, music festivals and art festivals.

Many of the celebrations are just for fun such as the
Florida Strawberry Festival, Key West Fantasy Fest, Naples Winter Wine Festival, to name a few. With the waters surrounding the state, teaming with luscious delectable delights, Florida Seafood Festivals are something not to be missed!

For those who like a little gambling fun, there's horse betting tracks, casino cruise ships, Jai Alai, even casino vacations and
casinos in Florida.

Florida Zoos
One of THE best things to do in Florida with a family, is a good-old fashioned visit to a zoo, and Florida zoos are among the best in the country!
Naples Zoo.

Florida Water Parks
Florida is famous for it's water parks. In fact, it's been declared the World's Water Park Capital! So, when in the land of sun and fun, a visit to a water park in Florida is the perfect way to enjoy and sun, and cool off!

What would a beach vacation be without some shopping and a visit to the mall! A great way to spend a bad weather day or for days when you need to let that sunburn 'cool' a little!

The Great Outdoors

Florida Camping
Camping on a Florida beach is a unique and exciting experience. It's also a good affordable alternative to the resort scene, for a family Florida beach vacation!

With miles and miles of Florida coastline with reefs and many shipwrecks to explore, there's unlimited, ideal locations for snorkeling!

The waters surrounding Florida are a fisherman's paradise! Whether you're looking to do some sport fishing, bass fishing, deep sea fishing with a fishing guide or charter, need some information about a fishing license, or even a Florida fishing vacation, there's lots in store for you!
Gulf Coast

One of the very 'hot' things to do in Florida! Several of the east coast beaches are excellent for surfing in Florida! Cocoa Beach is well-known as a surfing hub of this area!

Golf enthusiasts all over the U.S., flock to this golfer's paradise! There's a wide array of golf resorts and some of the best golf resorts in the world!


Florida Towns
There's loads of pretty unique towns in Florida to visit, away from the hustle and bustle of the big attraction centers like Orlando and Miami.

Everglades City

Discover Florida lighthouses: a fascinating, but not so well-known part of Florida! Learn about their history and role in Florida's development.

Florida Piers
Florida's shoreline for the most part, receives it's share of rough surf, thus the need for piers. Exploring a pier near your vacation destination is one of the most intriguing things to do in Florida! You can find many of these charming historical piers in Florida, many restored, that are used for fishing, catching the sights, and many have restaurants too.
Naples Pier

The Everglades
The Everglades National Park Florida is known world-wide. It's known for it's mangrove swamps, alligators and other animals and it's sheer raw beauty. It's a destination for families, outdoor adventure lovers, photographers and nature buffs!

Key West
At the southern most tip of Florida, lies Key West. Due to it's location, Key West weather is superb year-round. Be sure to check out the Key West resorts and hotels, vacation rentals, restaurants and bars, that attracts folks from all over the world, who crave that laid-back, relaxed vibe in a beach vacation destination!

More Florida Travel Tips and Ideas!

There's a few things that are necessary before setting off on a beach vacation in Florida. A Florida roadmap or two is a good idea, in order to plan your trip and make the best of your vacation time.

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Start planning your favorite things to do in Florida on your beach vacation!

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