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The old Naples Pier.......there's truly something magical and mystical about this old structure.

Upon your first visit, you'll see why a visit to this well-known old relic, is a must-do on a vacation to Naples Florida.

It is a primary focal point on the waterfront in Naples Florida........ definitely THE most popular of all attractions in the area.

Don't expect a new, high-tech, state-of-the-art structure.... this fishing pier, is a pretty old, wooden structure, with lots of character, with a very interesting history. 

It is well-maintained and safe of course, and owned by the City of Naples.

The Naples Pier,  is centrally located on the Municipal Beach, extending out into the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. This well-known Naples attraction is a great source of entertainment at any time of the day. There always seems to be lots going on at this popular destination spot.

Unlike many of the other Florida piers, this pier has free access.

Location: 25-12th Avenue South, 239-213-3062

History of the Naples Fishing Pier

The Naples Pier history dates far back..... to 1888. It was originally used as a passenger and freight dock, and used mainly for commercial purposes.

Freight and passenger’s baggage from ships docking here, were brought in on the pier as the ships were unable to get closer to shore because of the shallow waters in the Gulf.

Hurricanes and fire have ravaged the old wooden structure in years gone by. It has been rebuilt a few times over the years.

Things to Do and See at The Naples Pier

  • Go for a Stroll. It's THE perfect destination for an early evening romantic walk along the beach, or any time of day. While strolling along the long stretches of docks, you'll pass lots of fishermen, casting a line and cleaning fish.
  • Best Sunset View. It’s the best place to get the clearest view of the sunset, without any obstructions. It's no wonder it's one of the ‘most photographed’ of all Naples attractions.
  • See Dolphins. You're bound to see dolphins jumping and playing in the water. They are often very close to the pier as they like to eat up the ‘extra bait’ that’s left floating around by the fishermen.
  • See Manatees. Although not as commonly seen as dolphins, manatees are sometimes spotted in the spring months. There are osprey and pelican encounters too, often ‘very up close and personal’. They are looking to scoop the juicy bait scraps lying around!
  • Fishing. Yes, you can fish here, and the best part? It's FREE! You won’t need a fishing license to fish, as the city has purchased a bulk fishing license.
Naples Fishing Pier: Always Busy

There are plenty of places to throw in a line. There are no rentals available for fishing gear or bait, so you’ll need to bring your own.

But do BEWARE.....There are sharks in the waters around the pier. If you happen to catch one, don’t pull it up on the docking area. You’ll get a stiff fine for it. However, that doesn't seem to stop the fishermen from pulling sharks up and then letting them go! It's all great entertainment and fun to watch.

No gear for fishing?

Try Sunshine Ace Hardware,

 141 Tamiami Trail: 239-262-2940

(They also stock frozen bait.)

Are There Hotels Near the Pier?

Many visitors, fall in love with the Pier. It holds great memories for many visitors and locals. 

It's not the average attraction that you visit once, and never go back. It's pretty common for visitors to make at least a daily visit to the Naples Fishing Pier, during their stay in the area.

Here are 3 hotels which which are relatively close to this attraction and the main beaches.

It's my favorite destination on beach walks when staying at the Edgewater Hotel Naples or the Naples Beach Hotel. Both are just the perfect walking distance on the best stretch of beach in the area.

The Inn on Fifth Naples Florida

 is located in the heart of the city, on Fifth Avenue South, within walking distance of the Pier.
It's also situated conveniently in the middle of Downtown, with lots of superb restaurants, shops and boutiques nearby.

Edgewater Beach Hotel Naples Florida

The is further north up the beach from the Naples Beach Hotel. A beautiful, luxurious hotel, situated directly on the beach. Awesome pools, grounds and views.

Naples Beach Hotel Naples Florida
is a charming resort on the beach. It's a great choice if you're planning on regular beach walks, with your destination as the Pier. You can see the Pier from the beach in front of this resort. This hotel is not as close as the Inn on Fifth, but it's a fantastic, invigorating walk to the Pier, if you're up for it!

Is There Parking at The Naples Pier?

Parking in the area can be a challenge, as it’s such a popular spot and there just isn’t ‘enough' parking available.

You'll find meters close by, and a few parking lots too, but on a busy day, like holidays and long weekends, it may be necessary to park further away, so be prepared for a long walk!

New Year's Eve Fireworks

Fireworks at the Pier in Naples Florida

There’s a fabulous fireworks display on the Naples Pier annually, from 7:30-8:00 pm, for New Year's Eve. The show usually lasts about 30 minutes. The fireworks are launched off the end of the Pier and make for an absolutely fabulous show!

The best seats are anywhere on the beach, north of south of the pier.

Be aware that parking can be scarce for this event. Twelfth Avenue South, by the pier in Naples, is usually closed from noon on New Year's Eve until 10 p.m.

However, there are public parking spots on any of the city's beach access points. Residents are able to park in the 'rights-of-way', as long as the vehicle doesn't block an entrance to a driveway or where there are no parking signs

The cost of this fantastic, fun event is completely funded by a generous private donor.

What a wonderful way to ring in the New Year in Naples Florida! It's definitely an event you won't want to miss.

**There's also a fireworks display to celebrate

Independence Day, too!**

Visitor Tips:

  • There are restroom facilities and outdoor showers.
  • There are no restaurants on the beach in the immediate area. The nearest restaurant is about 2 blocks away.
  • There is a place to purchase snacks and drinks from a seasonal vendor at about the half-way point on the Naples Pier.
  • Excellent spot for a family vacation photo.

Visitor Comments About the Pier

A Romantic Atmosphere at Sunset

...By Sharon Hornis, Lorain, OHIO

Beautiful Sunset at the Pier in Naples Florida

One of my most outstanding and enjoyable memories of Naples is strolling down the Naples Pier at sunset.

The first time I saw it, dimly lit with the sound of waves gently lapping below, I was mesmerized.......breathless! That was 41 years ago on our honeymoon.

I have experienced the same feelings time after time, after time, upon each visit. Watching the sun set over the water with someone you love, while balmy breezes gently caress your face, is an experience that cannot be adequately described with words.

After dark, even the shark fishermen exude a charming presence. I can't imagine a more peaceful and romantic setting. You must experience the magic for yourself. You will never forget it. I haven't, and never will.

There is something mysterious, and elusive and oh so romantic about it. It's beautiful in the early morning sun, in the heat of the afternoon, and as the sun sets at the end of the day.

It's a great look-out spot to people watch at the beach, the #1 spot in Naples to watch the sunsets, watch the dolphins play and a good place to just contemplate life.

I love to spend hours when I can spare the time, taking photos from the Naples Pier. Some of the most memorable photos I have of our vacations in Naples, were taken from the old fishing pier.

When I am home and I think of Naples and my next visit, the very first thing that comes to my mind, is a vision of the Pier....the glorious, dear old Naples Pier.

By Ria Majumdar

Beautiful description. It makes me feel like taking the next flight to Naples Florida.

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