Marco Island Florida
Luxury Florida Beach Vacations

Marco Island Florida is one of the most luxurious Florida beaches It is located just along Florida's Southwest Gulf coast!

For a memorable Florida beach vacation, this beach in Florida is a superb choice.

This Southwest beach vacation destination is one of the most luxurious of the Florida beaches!

This relaxed beach vacation spot in Florida, attracts many visitors and snow-birds from around the globe, who prefer an exclusive beach vacation destination

Everything in Marco Island Florida is upscale and world class: the beachfront resorts, the spas, the golf courses and restaurants.

Marco Island Florida is a tiny gem of an island, nestled along the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, on Florida's west coast!

It is the largest of the 10,000 Islands in the Gulf of Mexico along Southwest Florida’s coast.

The population of the island is about 15,000 permanent year-round residents.

However, during the winter months, the population doubles with vacationing sun-seekers!

Marco is ....white, powdery sands of sun-drenched beaches, sophisticated, elegant hotels and resorts, fine, culinary delights, fresh seafood, and a great variety of attractions and things to do!

These things all add up to the perfect blend, to make this tiny tropical island paradise a ‘must’ for Florida beach-seeking vacationers!

The scenery is absolutely wonderful! The coconut palms, the flowers, the lavish landscaping and the immaculately clean city, make for a very pleasant place to spend a Florida beach vacation!

The Weather

One of the main reasons I originally investigated this area for our Florida beach vacations, was because it was the farthest point south on Florida’s Gulf Coast.

I had hoped that the weather would be the most tropical, if I went as far south as possible! I also much prefer the 'vibe' of the Florida Gulf Coast Beaches over the Florida East Coast Beaches, too....just a personal preference.

I have found the weather in Marco Island during the winter months to be very pleasant, and reliable, with temperatures in and around the 70’s-80’s, with plenty of sunshine.

I can honestly say that I don't ever recall periods of ‘never-ending rain’ during my stays over the years. There has been the occasional rainy day, or part of a day that was rainy and dreary, but those days really were 'few and far between'..... and I reserved THOSE days for shopping!

Several of the Florida beaches that I have visited in the past, were very disappointing. The buildings were not kept in good condition, and the streets and parks, were littered with garbage.

'You won't see this in Marco Island Florida!! The island is extremely clean and the landscaping is superb!

The Resorts and Hotels of Marco Island

There is no question, this world-class, exquisite tropical island, caters to the wealthy. Besides the upscale gulf-view beachfront resorts, there are a few Marco Island hotels and resorts, which offer decent rates and packages, particularly in the off-season.

This beach resort on the white, pristine sands of Marco is very popular for families.

More information on the Hilton Marco.

has a wonderful Italian restaurant which overlooks the Gulf of Mexico. The beautiful suites have cooking facilities, too.

More information about Marco Beach Resort.

is a lavish resort with lots of luxurious amenitities to satisfy your every need!

More detail on the Marriott.

Vacation Rentals in Marco Island

Should you wish to have more privacy, consider a Marco condo or vacation rental, when visiting the island. Here's lots of great vacation rental tips to consider before choosing between a rental or a hotel in Marco.

The Restaurants

There's a good selection of Marco Island Restaurants, offering anything from fresh seafood, exquisite gourmet delicacies to sandwiches, burgers and take-out…. certainly something for everyone! The range of dining choices on the island continues to grow.

Marco Island Beaches

Absolutely no doubt about it, the beaches are the main focus in Marco Island Florida!

There are several beaches, some are regularly groomed while others are have been left more in their natural state. People love to walk along the beach shores to enjoy the sun, get some exercise and gather shells. It is not uncommon to see dolphins jumping and playing when enjoying a beach walk.

There are several water sport rental vendors, which offer a variety of water toys, the ‘jet-ski’ being one of the most popular. Most beaches are available to everyone, however there is a beach which is reserved for the exclusive use of the residents.

Things to Do in Marco Island

Here are a just a few suggestions for those glorious sunny days!!

  • Fishing. Private fishing charters for the day, half day, kayak fishing
  • Spas. Enjoy a service or two at one of the many lavish spas for a relaxing treat
  • Relax! Soak up the sun and enjoy a tropical drink at one of the many pool bars at the resorts

  • Enjoy Nature. Take the opportunity to enjoy nature by bird watching, canoeing, kayaking
  • Biking. Rent a bicycle and tour the island!
  • Visit the Everglades. Sightseeing, air boat rides and critter watching and lots of exciting adventure!
  • Golf Play a round, or book a lesson if you're a beginner! World-class courses in Marco! Or head over to Naples, for a game of golf and a change of scenery!
  • Shop! Browse the unique, fun shops!
  • Explore Goodland, near Marco, for an afternoon of entertainment.

Marco Island Highlights

Here are a few of the highlights that you should not miss!

  • The Marco Island Trolley. Gives first time visitors a good orientation of the island and all that it has to offer.
  • The Marco Island Princess. Sunset dinner cruises for fabulous prices, not to be missed!
  • Key West Express. Enjoy a day trip to Key West by boat.
  • Gulf-view Restaurants. Spectacular views of the Gulf, while enjoying world-class dining!
  • The Sunsets. Check out the sunsets. And DO take your camera!! I have oodles of pictures of some glorious sunsets. The west coast location provides endless sunset photo opportunities!
Don’t be fooled by the size of this tiny island! In Marco Island Florida, you can expect

  • quality and cleanliness everywhere you go
  • beautiful landscaping and gardens
  • plenty to see and do
  • great food
  • luxury hotels and beach-front resorts
  • unique shops and boutiques
  • breath-taking scenery
  • pristine beaches and so much more!

All Florida beach vacations are great! However, I highly recommend
Marco Island Florida
, for a luxurious, memorable, relaxing holiday in the warm ray's of the sun! You won't regret it.

Spend a lot or spend a little. The choice is yours!

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