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With a population of just over 500, Everglades City Florida, is an ideal vacation getaway for the outdoor adventurer!
The city is part of Florida’s Paradise Coast, which also includes Naples and Marco Island, Florida. It's a unique, eclectic little Florida town, deep in the Southwest. It's affectionately known as the stone crab and fishing capital' of SW Florida!
Most travelers to Everglades City FL, are interested in exploring the Everglades National Park. This town is a destination for those exploring the natural attractions in the area.

Everglades City is less than an hour from both Marco Island and Naples, and just a few hours away from the east coast beach towns of Miami and Fort Lauderdale. It's the ideal destination for a day trip from any of these areas, if you're looking for outdoor adventure and things to do in Naples!

The city is a big draw for those interested in Florida history. The area was originally accessible only by boat, but turned into a booming trading town, shortly after the turn of the Twentieth Century.

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The average temperature during the winter ranges from mid-50s to mid-70s, making it a great winter escape for travelers coming down from the northern part of the country. The summers in the city are hot and humid, with temperatures typically in the 90s. The area is affected by hurricane season and residents are accustomed to frequent afternoon thunderstorms and an abundance of mosquitoes during the warm summer months.

The Everglades National Park

As quiet as Everglades City FL might be, it still offers some of the most incredible outdoor experiences and things to do in Florida! It's an adventure paradise for those folks who love to get close to nature!

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Everglades City is home to Everglades National Park, the largest subtropical wilderness in the country.

The park is home to several rare, endangered species and has been designated a World Heritage Site. It is also a Wetland of International Importance and International Biosphere Reserve.
The park offers a lots of recreation opportunities including camping, hiking, fishing, and bird watching and is filled with indigenous flora and fauna, making it ideal for exploration!


Everglades City is ideal for vacationers of all ages. The gentle pace attracts those looking for a warm, comfortable environment for relaxing and unwinding. The city is filled with one-of-a-kind restaurants, featuring a variety of local seafood specialties!

There are also plenty of shops and opportunities to learn about local history. The area also features a variety of comfortable accommodations with a quaint, welcoming feel. Though you might miss out on some of the modern amenities found at large chain hotels, the warm, family atmosphere of Everglades City’s accommodations will help you feel at right at home!

Things to Do in Everglades City FL

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  • Everglades City Museum Those looking for a bit of education during their visit, can enjoy an afternoon at the Museum of the Everglades. The museum has been open since 1927 and features exhibits focused on the history of the area. The museum is on the National Register of Historic Places and offers admission to adults for $2.

  • Airboat tours
  • Alligator farm tours
  • Boat rides in the Everglades
  • Kayaking
  • Birding
  • Biking
  • Canoeing
  • Hiking
  • Fishing Charters

Everglades City Florida is the ideal destination to stop, when on a weekend getaway or a family fun trip, when visiting the Florida Everglades! Travelers looking for a destination in Florida that offers a warm, balmy climate, with beach access not far away, without the crowds and expense of the popular tourist destinations, will love Everglades City! It's fun, casual and full of adventure!

Everglades City Seafood Festival

The Annual Seafood Festival in Everglades City is a fun-filled event, with loads of fresh seafood and excitement!

Many of the regular annual travelers to SW Florida, time their vacations in order that they are able to take in this fantastic Florida festival!

The Everglades Festival is one of the top seafood festivals in Florida, and attracts huge crowds of seafood lovers from all over the state and beyond!

Live entertainment and food are the main focus of the festival, which makes for some good old-fashioned fun!

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