The Naples Zoo 
at Caribbean Gardens

The Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens is one of the ‘coolest’ things to do in Naples with kids and families

It’s entertaining, well-priced, educational and fun!

It's one of the most popular Naples attractions and one of the many things to do in Florida!

This wonderful zoo in Naples holds lots of excitement in store! Kids are always especially intrigued and fascinated by animals and their habits!

The Naples Zoo is a walk-through style zoo with plenty of activities to do. 
This Florida zoo is a one of the many natural attractions in Naples. There are also a large number of Southwest Florida national parks, state parks, preserves, sanctuaries and eco-destinations that are also must-see's on Naples Florida vacations, especially for the nature lover.

Because the Naples Zoo Gardens were established first, the zoo was built around these gardens. Therefore, there's many opportunities to be quite close to the animals in the zoo. Sometimes, just a very few steps away!

Animals at the Zoo!

There are oodles of popular animals and some rare ones such of thefosas of Madagascar and Asian Deer!

Here are just some of the animals to see at the zoo. (Take note that some are only shown in the presentations and not available for viewing in the zoo itself)
American Alligator, Black Bear, Bearded Dragon, Bushmaster Snake, Copperhead Snake, Cottonmouth Moccasin Cougar, Dingo, Fosa, Giraffe, Hyena, Iguanas, Kingsnake, Komodo Dragon, Leopard, Lion, Barn Owl, African Parrot, Puff Adder, Pythons, Rattlesnakes, Rat Snake, Scorpion, Sloth, Spider Monkey, Malayan Tiger, Walabee, and the Zebra.

Tips for Visiting the Zoo

  • Try to tour the zoo early in the day if possible, when theweather is coolest and the animals are more active!Then head for a Naples Beach in the afternoon!
  • Allow at least 2-3 hours to spend at the zoo.
  • Time your visit to take in a few of the special presentations you'd like to see.
  • Bring your own food and drinks, if you wish, but not alcoholic beverages. Wynn's Market offers healthy food and drinks at the Naples Zoo! Beer and wine are available at Wynn's too. There are drink vending machines at the zoo, too.

Shows and Presentations

Planet Predator- A presentation of live animals and a video.

Serpents: Fangs & Fiction - Snakes, lizards and tortoises up close and real! Includes viewing a 'live video camera broadcast to live video in the Safari Canyon theater! Also great video clips!

Meet the Keeper - Zoo keepers feature different animals and tell about how these animals are cared for. How they keep 'safe' around dangerous critters! A short presentation followed by any questions you may wish to ask the zookeeper
10:30, Noon, 12:30pm, 4pm

Alligator Bay- See the gators in a 'natural' lake environment. A fascinating presentation and zookeepers feed the 'hungry' gators!

Primate Expedition Cruise - 20 minutes cruise on a catamaran through islands of monkeys,lemurs and apes. Talking presentation. A great opportunity for the photographers in the group! Can do the tour more than once, as it's included with the price of admission

Snakes Alive! - Presentation of LIVE SNAKES! Features different snakes on different days. Gila monsters make 'guest appearances'occasionally. 30 minute presentation and awesome opportunity forphotos as the presentation takes place 'without' glass or cage bars! Can ask questions of the reptile handlers!

Botanical Tours - A 30 minute detailed tour of the highlights of the beautiful Caribbean Gardens. Offered on Sundays. Included with admission.
Sundays only.

Night Eyes Tour- Very cool group tours at night! Tour the Zoo at night using a special 'scope' to see the nocturnal (night!) activities of the animals! See the snakes, reptiles and other mammals! Chance to touch a 'deadly snake' safely! THIS IS NOT INCLUDED WITH ANY REGULAR ADMISSION. Groups of 20 for a flat rate of $1199 (approx $60 per person).

The Caribbean Gardens
These gardens were started by a botanist and conservationist in the early 1900's, with the idea that it was 'due' time to protect and preserve various species of tropical plants and vegetation. Enjoy the beautiful gardens that provide the tropical scenery for the backdrop for the Naples Zoo.

On Sundays, there are 1/2 hour tours of the gardens by very knowledgeable botanist, who show the highlights of the gardens at the Naples Zoo. You don't have to be a 'gardener' to appreciate the beauty of these magnificent floral displays. Truly worth the tour.

Endless Things to do in Naples!

Looking for things to do in Naples with the 'little kids'? or the teenagers in the group? The Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens is one of the great Naples attractions and a perfect way to spend some time with the family. It has lots of variety to catch the attention of all age groups in the family or your group.

Benefits for Collier County Residents

1. On the first Saturday of each month, Collier County residents are admitted to the zoo, free of charge! Just show proof of residency, for adults. Under 16? Must be with an adult 18yr+ for free admission.
2. $69.95 for family admission for one year! 

This Florida zoo is well-maintained and the animals receive good care and their health is of utmost importance to the Naples Zoo administration. It is often disheartening and sad to see animals caged and 'ragged' at some zoos. But the Naples Zoo is a small one that isclean and it's staff seems to be knowledgeable and caring.

Things to do in Florida

A visit to the Naples Zoo and wonderful botanical gardens is just one of the many things to do in Florida! There's Disney World, Universal Studios, Busch Gardens, Sea World in Orlando, Kennedy Space Center, Cirque du Soleil(permanent show in Orlando), Medieval Times, Conservancy of Southwest Florida, Swamp Buggy Races, just to name a few!

Admission Prices

Adults (13yr-64yr) $19.95
Seniors (65yr+) $18.95
Kids (3-12 $11.95
Kids (Under 2) No Charge

Hours of Operation

Open 7 days week 9:00-5:00pm (last chance for entry is 4pm)
Closed Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

1590 Goodlette Road, Naples Fl 34102 

"There's plenty of entertainment and excitement in Florida!

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