Your Florida Strawberry
Festival Guide

The Florida Strawberry Festival, held annually in Plant City, Florida, the 'Winter Strawberry Capital of the World', is a fascinating and intriguing festival, which celebrates the glorious and beloved fruit, the 'strawberry'!

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If you're looking for some good
old-fashioned fun
, with food, music and entertainment, then look no further than this special annual Plant City Florida Strawberry Festival!

This unique festival in Florida, is reminiscent of days gone by, when such gatherings as county fairs and festivals were held regularly, to bring folks together, to celebrate the annual harvest.

It is a wonderful, fun event and one of the things to do in Florida, that you won't want to miss!

This Sunshine State event, is one of the most popular of the Florida festivals and has become so popular that over 500,000 people attend each year!

The family-fun festival lasts for 20 days and during this time, there are a colossal number of different events, shows and competitions to enjoy!

There's parades, mid-way rides, contests for fun, arts and crafts, vendors, delectable strawberry treats and good old fashioned county entertainment!

The next Festival?

March 2015
Plant City, Florida

Cool Festival Trivia

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  • Every year a parade is held in honor of the festival and features a selected 'Person of the year', from Plant City!
  • Lots of strawberry crafts, displays, exhibits and food creations!
  • The festival thrives due to the large number of volunteers who organize and run the event.
  • There are several free events to participate in, as well as a limited number of 'free seats' at some of the main concerts and shows.
  • Within the Strawberry Festival, there is a post office that you can use to post letters, with their own unique strawberry stamp!

Things to See and Do at this Florida Festival!

The midway is extremely popular at the Florida Strawberry Festival and is enjoyed by a vast age range! There are many different choices for entertainment, and many are free! Some of the more exciting and famous acts you will need to buy tickets for. However, it is well worth the money!

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There are some truly traditional contests such as the beautiful baby and the pig racing contests, both which are terrific family entertainment and draw huge crowds!

The Strawberry Festival Queen Contest is very popular, and has entrants from all over the country, wanting to take the prestigious title of Miss Strawberry!

Food, of course, is an enormous focus throughout the festival...
lots of strawberry-flavored comfort foods such as pies, cakes, pancakes, drinks, desserts, donuts, tarts, pasta coffee, breads and many other delectable and many more unusual delights', can be found to sample at the Festival!

Florida Strawberry Festival Visitor Information

  • For more information on the festival, call (813) 752-9194
    or write to the official address at 303 North Lemon St. Plant City, FL 33563-4706.
  • Location: Plant City, FL, which is located approximately 15 miles to the east of Tampa, Florida, a well-known and popular beaches in Florida.
  • You can also follow the latest updates on social networking sites, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Advanced tickets can be bought online, from their website.
  • General admission for the festival is $12 for adults, $8 for seniors and $5 for children under 12, children under four, are free!
  • Only cash for entrance fee is accepted at the gate at Festival gates, but online tickets can of course be purchased by credit card, from their website.

See y'all at the Festival!

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