Your Naples Florida Weather Guide, for Planning the Perfect Naples Vacation!

Naples Florida weather is always warm. The locals love it. The visitors love it.

The weather in Naples, is a precious natural resource! It is without a doubt, the main reason why sun seekers from around the globe are drawn to the Florida beaches!

I’ve saved you the headache of scanning tables of statistics about Naples Florida weather and climate, by reducing the volumes of statistics, to what I hope you will find, useful information for planning a vacation in the Naples Florida area.

You'll get an overview of what to expect from Naples weather at any time of the year.

The weather in Naples is very much the same in the surrounding areas of Marco Island, Collier County and Lee County areas, the Everglades, right up to Fort Myers Beach. There are always slight variations of course. The climate is the same and the daily weather varies slightly, according to location.

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The Best Naples Weather Months – “The Winter”

Naples Florida weather is 'best' from October until April. The winters are fairly dry and warm. The average daytime temperatures are in the 70’s and 80’s.

As an added bonus, these months also receive the least amount of rainfall. These moderate temperatures in the mid seventies and low eighties, seem to force the moisture away from the area, thus the drier weather. January is normally the coolest month, with daytime average highs around 75F, with average lows of around 54F, still a decent day for outdoor activities, golfing or even a Naples beach wedding!

Naples Florida Weather in the Summer

In the summer, from May through to September, the temperatures are very warm to quite hot. Daytime temperatures range from about 83 to 90F, with a daily average temperature in the hottest months of July and August of about 86F.

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The weather is hot and humid, as is most of the state of Florida. However, Naples is located on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, so the warm tropical breezes from the Gulf do help to keep the temperatures much more tolerable than many of the inland locations in Florida. The beaches of Naples are the ideal place to spend the long, lazy hot days in summer!

Daytime maximum temperatures in the summer will sometimes rise to about 90 to 93 F, for scorching hot days! Considering that many cities in the more northern parts of Florida and the U.S. experience even higher temperatures than Naples, the low 90’s doesn’t seem quite so bad. In fact, the highest temperature on record for Naples is only 98F!

Weather in Naples Florida-Rainfall

The average annual rainfall in Naples is about 50 inches. About 65% of the rain falls in the months of June to September. The rest of the months are pretty dry. The concentration of rain in these months, along with the higher temperatures make for some very hot humid days!

The number of rainy days can range between 13 to 16 between June and September, tapering off in October, to range between 6 to 10 days per month, for the rest of the year.

My experience has been when it rains in Naples, it really RAINS A LOT!!! The showers don’t seem to last very long and the bright Florida sun peaks out pretty quickly after a storm! So a ‘rain day’ doesn’t necessarily mean that it rains the entire day!

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Water Temperature

The warm year round temperatures in Naples account for the nice warm water temperatures in the Gulf of Mexico! The water temperatures always feel warm to me! The Gulf temperatures in the winter months range from about 65F to 73F. This is definitely still warm in my books! Then in the early spring, the Gulf warms up dramatically. Over the next few months, the water reaches highs in the mid to high 80’s!

The Sun

Although it is so inviting to bask in the warm rays of the sun for that golden tan, remember that there are risks with excessive sun exposure.

The ultraviolet rays of the sun are very intense in Florida.

Be wise and always use a sunscreen suited to your skin type.

UV indexes range from 5-8 from October to February and jump to extremes of 10 and above, in the spring and summer months.
Visitors are especially vulnerable to sun burns. Ask me, I know. I have been known to get so caught up in an intense game of frisbee on the beach, that I forget to reapply sunscreen periodically. The beautiful breeze from the water keeps me comfortable so I don’t feel my skin cooking!!

In the past, I have wasted several days of my valuable vacation time, paying the price for my negligence. That’s the last thing you want vacation in Naples! Take the time to purchase a good sunscreen that’s right for you and be diligent about reapplying it!

Hours of Sunshine

Another measure of desirable beach weather is the number of hours of sunshine a location receives.

Naples Florida weather is quite pleasant as it receives from 7 to 9 hours of sunshine daily on average, from it’s daylight hours, in November, December and January. From March to October, the range is between 8-10 hours daily.

What this really means is that on the average, the weather in Naples is sunny at a minimum of 70% of the daylight hours up to a maximum of 80 % of daylight hours! That’s a lot of sunshine!

Weather in Florida

The upbeat report on the wonderful Naples Florida weather is pretty great, isn't it? However, in order to give a true and complete picture of the Naples Florida weather scene, we need to face the reality of the occurrence of hurricanes in Florida, in order to plan vacation activities in Florida.

The weather in Florida does include the occassional occurrence of hurricanes. They are just a fact of life for Floridians! A hurricane doesn't always mean serious destruction. Hurricanes vary in their intensity. The majority aren't any more powerful than a good windstorm anywhere else in North America.

Whether a Floridian or a visitor to Florida, there are definitely
a few things you should know about Florida hurricanes!

Overall, Naples Florida weather can be described as tropical, warm and sunny for the majority of the year.

The weather is great for on the beach activities, swimming, boating, golfing and anything else that requires fair weather, at any time of the year!

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