Hurricanes in Florida - Safety Tips

Hurricanes in Florida - It is important to have a plan for safety, in the event of a hurricane. If you live in Florida , I am sure you’ll have one. If you don't, it’s important that you have a plan to protect yourself and your family.

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These are a few suggestions to consider.

Planning for Florida Hurricane Season

Hurricanes in Florida, are a fact of life for Floridians. Having a plan in place, should there be a hurricane, is very important.

  • Plan for safe areas to wait out the storm. These areas should be designated in your home, and everyone should know their ‘safe place’ to go, in the event of a storm.

  • Know where the evacuation centers are in the area, in the event you aren’t at home when a hurricane hits

  • Determine a meeting place or contact location for your family members, when all is safe after the storm

  • Have a few flashlights with lots of batteries in a spot where they can be easily accessed.

  • Know what to do for your pets

  • Power outages after a hurricane are common. The power could be out for several days, so it’s always a good idea to be prepared at all times with a food and water supply stored in your home, for a week, just to be on the safe side.

  • Keep a supply of other emergency items or necessary medications

  • Keep a few spare cell phone batteries.

  • Don’t forget credit card or debit transactions are impossible, in the event of a power outage

  • Have a list of necessary telephone numbers and a road map in a pre-planned spot should your evacuation plan include leaving the area pre-storm.

  • Have an ‘evacuation’ kit that you can quickly access, with such items as prescription medication or any medical needs, extra clothing, bottled water, sleeping bags and pillows, first aid kit, car keys, maps, dr. license, personal identification

  • Have a generator ready for backup power, if needed. KEEP the generator in the original box, or keep it covered to keep dust from settling on it. Dust and dirt can cause problems with the operation of the generator. Check periodically to be sure it is in working order.

  • Have important documents and photos stored in plastic, in a readily accessible place. They can be quickly accessed should you have time and are leaving your home at the time of a storm warning, or they’ll be safe should the storm do damage to your home.

  • Have photographs and videos of your home, property and possessions, and keep them current. Store them away from your home, eg. Safe deposit box at the bank. These are important should it be necessary to make an insurance claim.
  • Suggested items to take if evacuating:
    • first aid kit
    • important medications and medical supplies
    • dried food, canned food, can opener
    • couple of gallons of water per person
    • extra clothing, sleeping bags and pillows
    • flashlight, extra batteries, battery-operated radio
    • written notes for a checklist for your home, such as turning off power, water supply, gas etc.

What to Do During Hurricanes in Florida
  • Remain indoors and in the center of the house. (closet or bathroom without windows).( It’s tempting to photograph a storm for some people)

After a Hurricane in Florida
  • Only drink purified water.

  • Don't look thru your home with any sort of an open flame, such as a candle or matches, post-storm. There could be materials in the ruins that are highly combustible.

Naples Florida Hurricane Season

The possibility of an occurrence of a hurricane in Naples Florida, is the same as the possibility of hurricanes in Florida. However, the city of Naples FL, has strict building codes and other measures, which greatly reduce the damage from storms, and improve safety too. Naples Florida has a history of minimal damage from hurricanes.

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