Naples Wedding Planning Tips and Advice!

Dreaming of a Naples wedding on the beach? A Naples Florida beach wedding can be the perfect intimate small wedding or the glamorous fairy-tale event you’ve always dreamed of!

A Naples Florida beach wedding is ‘modern’ and so refreshing! It’s the perfect mix of the ‘casual’ and the ‘glamor’ that makes a beach wedding in Naples so romantic!

The beautiful gowns vs. the casual setting on a white sandy beach, with a breath-taking sunset as a backdrop!

A Florida beach wedding can be inexpensive, if you wish, and unique. It's a great way to save money and still have something exceptional and memorable!

On the other hand, if you have ‘tons of money’ to spend, well that’s great too!

A Naples Florida wedding on the beach, can be chic and ultra-modern, formal and traditional, laid-back and casual or something exciting and unique, combining the best elements of all of these styles!

Your wedding day is certainly one of THE most important days in your life. You want everything to be just perfect!

A Florida Beach Wedding

A gorgeous tropical Florida beach is certainly an ideal setting for a truly, romantic wedding! Powdery white sparkling sand, gulf breezes, the clear blue sky and rolling waves all seem to be in perfect harmony, as the scene unfolds and the couple exchanges vows!

Something particularly special about a Naples wedding is it’s location on Florida’s west coast. The sunsets in Naples provide an absolutely stunning back-drop for a enchanting, romantic ceremony and for the photographs! A wedding just before sunset can also be more comfortable for temperatures, than in the day time when temperatures can soar!

Naples Florida beach weddings are becoming increasingly popular. There are lots of excellent venues, resorts and other vendors available, who cater particularly to the 'vacationing' honeymooners!

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"This wonderful beach wedding took place on Marco Island."

Naples Wedding Planners or Do-It-Yourself

Planning a wedding can be quite an intimidating and overwhelming task. There are so many decisions and choices to make. If you are considering a Naples Florida wedding and are not a local, that makes the task even more challenging and stressful.

Chances are, all of the planning, will be done by phone and internet. You’ll most likely not meet the vendors you are hiring or see the venue, the beach, flower selections etc., until you arrive in Naples, a few days or the day prior to your big day!

When planning your Naples Florida wedding, you’ll first need to decide whether you’ll hire a wedding planner or do all of the arranging yourself. There are some great Naples wedding planners to choose from.

My advice to ‘vacationing, honeymooning' couples, should your budget allow, would be to hire a wedding planner or book the services of the wedding planner service offered by the hotel or resort where you are staying.

Alternatively, a do-it-yourself plan can be less expensive. Resorts have beautiful areas designated for ceremonies or they'll arrange for a location on the beach, whatever you choose.

Most of the popular
beach resorts in Naples provide a wedding planning service for a fee.

Choosing a Wedding Florist Naples Florida!

There are several florists in Naples Florida to choose from.

They have a great selection to choose from for bridal bouquets, the venue, the ceremony, the venue, corsages and boutineers.

Naples Florida florists will be happy to customize your floral arrangements, too. Your florist can also assist with floral color selections, to complement the season: choose from bright tropical colors for spring, pastels for summer, vibrant oranges and earth tones for fall or soft whites for winter! They can assist you in choosing colors and flowers that are ‘in season’ to make your Naples wedding extra special!

Thanks to the internet, you can browse the choices available online, directly from their website.

Naples Wedding Venues and Beach Weddings

Naples Beach weddings are a popular choice! There are several popular beachfront resorts and other off-beach resorts in Naples, that specialize in wedding hosting.

Of course, there are many churches and chapels in Naples to choose from as well.

A private boat charter on the ‘Naples Princess’ is another option too.

Naples Wedding Photographers

It is very important to choose the ‘right’ photographer to suit ‘your style’. Photographer’s styles can vary, so know what you are looking for. It is a good idea to meet with or at least have a phone conference with your photographer, before making your choice.

After making your choice, I would also recommend that you definitely make arrangements to meet with your photographer, for the purpose of getting to know each other.

Planning a meeting a few days before your wedding day, if you’re not a local, is perfectly fine too. ‘Familiarity’ breeds success, they say. Being comfortable with your photographer and discussing the ‘picture plan’ for your big day, will make for the best pictures you’ll treasure for a life time.

Naples Weather

Naples weather is beautiful year round and thus is a great choice for a Florida beach wedding. The average annual temperature in the Naples area is about 77 F. October until April are the best and most reliable times for warm, dry weather. The weather in Naples has daytime temperatures range in the 70’s to 80’s (sometimes higher!). A cool day in December or January could mean around 50 to 55 F, which still makes for a pleasant weather day!

Naples also receives the ‘least’ rainfall' during the same time period. However, do be sure to have ‘Plan B’ in mind, just in case Mother Nature decides to ‘rain on your parade’!

Don’t forget hurricane season in this area is from June to the end of November! Although hurricanes don’t happen often, they do happen in this area, so keep this in mind when booking your big event!

All of these factors considered, I would recommend December through April as being the best months to plan for an outdoor Naples wedding on the beach!

Naples Florida Wedding Costs

There’s no doubt about it, it is very easy to spend a lot of money on a wedding. The venue, flowers, clothing, photographer, cake, invitations, transportation, marriage license, and the list goes on….all of these things quickly add up! If you choose to plan a Naples Florida wedding and are not local, you’ll also have the added cost of plane tickets and hotels, too.

However, it is possible to plan an inexpensive beach wedding in Naples. There are companies that do plan very personalized ceremonies for a reasonable cost.

Be prepared to make a hefty deposit on everything that you book. Naples is a popular for Florida beach vacations and beach weddings, so it may be necessary to book up at least up to a year in advance for some of the more popular venues.

Florida Marriage Licenses

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To be married in Naples Florida, you’ll need a Florida Marriage License. You do not need to be a resident of the state of Florida to apply for a marriage license. In Florida, marriage licenses are issued by counties. Naples is located in Collier County, so you’ll need to apply for a marriage license in Collier County. The fee for a license is $93.50 U.S. and discounted to $61.00 U.S., if you have completed a state approved marriage preparation course.

Don't forget to check out the Naples Florida Weddings Directory!

Plan for a romantic Naples wedding on the beach,one you'll always remember!

Here’s hoping that your special day turns out to be the wedding 'you’ve been dreaming of’!

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