Florida Hurricane Season: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Florida hurricane season. It is a fact of life that this threatening weather occurs in Florida.

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Knowing the facts about Florida hurricanes, can take some of the stress out of worrying about bad weather, if you're a visitor or a Floridian.

Here are some commonly asked questions and answers about hurricanes in the sunshine state.

When is Florida Hurricane Season?
The most unsettling issue with hurricanes in general is that they are unpredictable. The season is from June 1 to November 30.

Florida has been hit with hurricanes more often than any other state.

Are Hurricanes in Florida Predictable?
florida hurricane season, florida hurricane, storm over water Although precise predictions are vague concerning hurricanes, the conditions necessary for a hurricane to develop are known. All year round, especially during Florida hurricane season, periodic reports are published and constantly updated which predict hurricane occurrences.

Modern day technology tracks storm systems carefully. Radar and weather maps show patterns that can indicate that hurricanes may be forming.

What Causes Hurricanes?
Hurricanes can form in any ocean, but most often occur in the Gulf of Mexico and the tropics. Several conditions must be met before a hurricane will develop. -The ocean water temperature is 80 degrees +, down to a depth of 150' - a great deal of humidity, - thunderstorms present which initiate the swirling motion

How are Hurricanes Classified?

There are 5 categories of hurricanes. The categories are based on wind speed.

Category 1 74-95 miles/hr
Category 2 96-110 miles/hr
Category 3 111-130 miles/hr
Category 4 131-155 miles/hr
Category 5 155+ miles/hr

To ease your mind, Florida’s hurricane history indicates that a strong hurricane of a Category 3 or higher, occurs about once every 4 years.

When Were the More Serious Storms
in the History of Florida Hurricanes?

Florida hurricane history has been recorded from back in the early 1900's. The state has experienced some very serious hurricanes over the years.

1904 - A powerful hurricane killed 100 rail workers in the Florida Keys, and 34 people were killed in Pensacola.

In the early 1900's. Several hurricanes damaged the 7 Mile Bridge in the Florida Keys, with over 800+ lives lost.

In the 1920's. Broward and Dade counties were left in shambles, with serious flooding of the coastal area in Fort Lauderdale and Miami.

1928. The stress on the dikes on Lake Okeechobee, from the excess rain during a hurricane, caused the dikes to break. Over 2000+ people were killed when the dikes broke.

1935. The most powerful hurricane in the U.S., hit the Florida Keys. Winds were around 250 mph! 408 railway workers were killed in this extreme storm. 1960 - Hurricane Donna. Hit the Florida Keys,then the Fort Myers area(missing Miami), traveled up the east coast through all states, from S.Carolina to New York. The 5th largest hurricane in U.S. history.

1964 - Hurricane Cleo wiped out Key Biscayne, and also passed over Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Hollywood.

1965 - Hurricane Betsy. Destruction in South Florida was a surprise, as this hurricane radically changed course.

1992 - Hurricane Andrew bombarded the Miami area, during Florida hurricane season. The damages were over $30 billion dollars +. The costliest natural disaster ever in the U.S. 23 lives lost.

2004 - Hurricane Frances. Widespread hurricane. Stretched from Tallahassee to Key West.

2004 - Hurricane Jeanne. Produced 4 hurricanes in 6 weeks over a large part of the state. 6 lives lost.

2005 - Hurricane Wilma - South Florida hurricane that was much more powerful than expected.

- Hurricane Katrina. 12 lives lost in southern Florida.

2008 - Tropical Storm Fay - This storm caused a serious shortage of water for many Florida counties

Have There Been Any Recent Hurricanes
in Naples Florida?

In 2005, Hurricane Wilma hit the Naples area and it was rated as a category 3. Naples hadn’t been hit with a hurricane of this magnitude in over 40 years.

It should be also be noted that very very few buildings had any damage from this hurricane. Boats in protected waters remained unharmed and flooding was minimal, considering the intensity of the hurricane.

A strong hurricane does not always mean serious devastation. The city of Naples seems to have a good contingency plan in place in order to avoid unnecessary destruction by these storms.

The city of Naples also ranks low on the hurricane vulnerability rating list.

This is due to the fact that the buildings and homes in the area are very well built and solid. The city of Naples imposes very stringent hurricane building codes to avoid unnecessary damage by such weather. Many of the power lines in Naples are buried for the purpose of avoiding wind damage by such storms.

So you need not worry about being swept away by a hurricane when in Naples Florida! But you do need to be aware that there is a Florida hurricane season.

Since most of Naples buildings are so well built, basically, it’s only necessary to get inside, and ‘hunker’ down’ until the storm passes. Older, wooden structures or older trailer homes are more vulnerable to the strong winds of a powerful hurricane.

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