Best Tips for Renting
Marco Island Condos !

Here are some best tips for renting Marco Island Condos! Marco Island vacation rentals can save lots of money on a Marco Island beach vacation!

There are some important things you should know before booking your condo or vacation rental on Marco Island.

These tips would apply to condo and vacation rentals anywhere, not just in Marco Island.

There lots of Marco Island condos and vacation rental homes to choose from in Marco Island, Florida.

There are homes, condos, and villas available. Vacation rentals are offered by the night, the week, the month or the season.

Private home owners, vacation rental companies and real estate companies offer vacation rentals in Marco Island.

Renting from a Home Owner
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Renting Marco Island condos or vacation homes directly from a private home owner requires some research by the renter.

Usually, the potential renter makes contact with the owner of the rental home or condo by email or phone.

I send emails to several of the individuals who have made comments in the reviews section of the ad, and ask more detailed questions about their experiences with the owner. Chances are you’ll never meet or perhaps even speak to the owner, so the only information available is that which is posted on their website, or whatever you can get from a ‘former renter’, so be sure to check carefully and ask lots of questions.

If something doesn’t ‘sit well’ with you or doesn’t seem right,
it’s probably not. If a rental seems too good to be true and is ridiculously cheap, stay away from it.

Look for another rental.

A few things to be aware of for when booking
Marco Island Condos or a vacation rental with a private owner:

  • You could be placing your deposit money on a home or condo that is ‘in bankruptcy’ or has been foreclosed
  • The rental property is not fairly portrayed on the website or the advertising, re: you aren’t getting what ‘you thought’ you were getting!
  • The owner wrongfully withholds your security deposit
  • The property is double booked’ during your vacation time!

These things could certainly happen with a rental company, but are much less likely to happen because these companies have reputations to uphold and are much more likely to have done their research and are able to do the research necessary on the home owner they are dealing with.

Private owners of Marco Island condos and other Marco Island rentals, can of course live anywhere in the world. I particularly like to deal with a home owner that lives in or around Marco Island.

In my opinion, I feel a sense of security, knowing that the owner is relatively close to the rental property, and is most likely ensuring they are maintained properly. In Marco Island, vacation rentals are a big business, and are often a main source of income for many home owners, so it's pretty unlikely that the owners of these beautiful homes would jeopardize the integrity of their property from lack of upkeep.

Renting from a Rental or Real Estate Company

Renting from an actual vacation rental company or a real estate company can mean ‘fewer worries’ for the renter. It can be a bit more expensive, but the company will take care of most everything. These property management companies as a rule, have several benefits and services that are usually not offered by private homeowners. Some of these services include housekeeping, round the clock emergency call service, and the ability to pay deposits and fees for the reservations, securely online. Although, in Marco Island and area, I've noticed that owners of many Marco Island condos and vacation home owners, do provide these services and sometimes more.

The private home owner is responsible for the home’s maintenance and house cleaning. Levels of cleanliness and maintenance upkeep can vary when dealing with privately owned homes. So there can be benefits to dealing with these companies, as the quality of the cleaning service and maintenance, seems to be more consistent. However, this doesn’t seem to be much of an issue with Marco Island condos or other Marco Island rentals. However, it’s something you should keep in mind. It is a good idea to ask the former renter some questions regarding 'cleanliness'.

Deposit Payment on Marco Island Condos
& Marco Island Vacation Rentals

When booking a rental home or condo, the owner or company always requires a deposit, to secure the rental for your vacation time. The amount of the deposit will vary from about 20% of the total cost to payment in full. As your vacation time draws nearer, often payment in full will be required about 1-2 months prior to vacation time. So your entire stay is paid in full prior to entering the rental. So you'll mostly pay for your rental in two amounts, a deposit and a remaining balance. If you're booking within about 60 days of your vacation, you'll most likely, be paying for the entire amount all at once.

The reservation deposit validates the rental contract. Some renters utilize the reservation deposit as a security deposit. You'll also most likely receive a rental agreement in the mail to sign and confirm the rental booking.

A certified cheque can be forwarded by mail for payment or a safe and secure online payment system by credit card can also be used. However you choose to send your deposit money, forward an email right away requesting a receipt for the amount of deposit paid, the date, a good description of the property, the inclusive dates of your rental, and that the monies are paid to secure a deposit. In your note, if this is a 'security deposit', state that the security deposit is to be returned as per the rental agreement, assuming no damages, no later that "date filled in". Keep the return receipt from the renter in a safe place. The deposit should give you the security to know that the property will be available to you upon arrival.

Paying the deposit and remaining balance using a credit card is a way to circumvent the possibility of getting scammed. Even if you have done your research, there is still that possibility. After paying the vacation rental in full, if you for some reason feel that the rental isn't legit, you can dispute the charge on your credit card. If you choose to dispute the charge, be sure to do it within the time frame that the credit card company allows. Most allow between 30-45 days. In fact, it makes good sense before even paying by credit card to contact them and get a full understanding of their policy regarding disputing charges.

So be sure to know when your deposit is due, what it will be used for and when you'll receive a refund if the money is designated as a 'security deposit'.

Waterfront Rentals

Most of the hotels in Marco Island are beach-front, however there are also lots of Marco Island condos and vacation rentals which are waterfront. Many of these Marco Island rentals are located on inter-coastal waterways and canals which weave throughout Marco Island! These ‘waterfront’ rentals usually offer use of their waterfront access for fishing or boating access.

Some rentals offer use of a boat which is a great ‘perk’ too, should boating appeal to you.
Something to remember though, boating in Florida and in the Gulf of Mexico, isn’t the same as boating and navigating in a small lake where you live or cottage! Rules, regulations, water currents and conditions are completely different! Be sure to play it safe.
If you are an experienced boater who has never navigated a boat in Florida waters, particularly the Gulf of Mexico, I would suggest NOT taking the boat into the Gulf waters. A leisurely cruise in the inter-coastal canals can be just as enjoyable as cruising wide open waters in the Gulf of Mexico!

Marco Island Rentals... THE Way to Go!

I highly recommend renting a home or a condo when vacationing in Marco Island. However, do take the time to investigate all of the options. A substantial deposit is often required on condo and vacation rentals. Insufficient research could lead to a loss of your deposit and a vacation disaster.

The large majority of vacation rental owners and companies are honest and responsible. But it's a good idea to be well informed. Remember, scammers don't want to deal with smart, well-informed renters. They prey on people who don't know what they're doing

It takes just a little effort to know that your vacation plans have been properly secured. It's worth it!

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