Florida Gulf Coast Real Estate:
Top Reasons to Call SW Florida
Your Home!

Why choose Florida Gulf Coast Real Estate? The best reasons to call Southwest Florida your home!

An Overview of Florida’s Gulf Coast Areas

Southwest Florida is a gorgeous subtropical area in Florida. It is best known for it’s pristine, sugary, white sand beaches and is a predominantly affluent area.

There are a few distinct areas within this SW Florida region.

  • The Lee Island Coast includes Fort Myers, Myers Beach, Estero, Bonita Springs, Sanibel Island, Captiva Island and Cape Coral. This area is best known for protecting it’s natural wonders and landscape.

  • The Paradise Coast includes the Naples FL and Marco Island area.
    This region is known for it’s lavish and luxurious homes. Generally speaking, it is a very upscale vacation destination, rich with glorious beach resorts, world-class shopping, restaurants, golfing, fishing and boating.

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  • The Central Coast area in the more northern section of the Gulf Coast, includes Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, Englewood, Gasparilla Island and Boca Grande. This Southwest Florida real estate is the most ‘reasonably’ priced of all the Florida Gulf Coast Real Estate.

  • The Cultural and Sun Coasts take in the communities of St. Petersburg and Sarasota. This is a popular area for those looking for the lifestyle of the city, but with a coastal location.

Top 7 Reasons to Choose Southwest Florida Real Estate!
  • Great weather, year round. No one can argue this one! Who doesn’t want lots of sunshine and tropical breezes year round! Golfing, fishing and beach fun and sports are enjoyable all year long!
  • The Beaches. There’s not many people in this world who don’t like ‘the beach’. The Gulf Coast beaches are among the best in the U.S. and often hit the ‘best of the world’ lists, too. Soft white, silky pristine sand, with a gentle surf from the Gulf of Mexico: the makings of very desirable and sought after real estate.

  • Quality of Life. SW Florida is known as the cultural hub of the state. Lots of recreational opportunities and great shopping. There’s lots of high quality medical facilities, a good solid health care system and one of the biggest ‘perks’ of living in Florida, ‘no state income tax’!

  • Proximity to Water. There are canals, inland waterways and of course, the coastal area. Florida Gulf Coast real estate provides many options for world-class fishing, boating and various water sports.
  • Healthy Economy. In spite of the general slump of the U.S. economy the Gulf coast region continues to be healthy. It’s imperative to invest in real estate in economically healthy areas.

  • Reasonable Cost of Living Index. While not every community in Southwest Florida is at the U.S. average level (or better) for the ‘cost of living index’, some do ‘make the grade’. Fort Myers and Cape Coral area at the U.S. average or better, most every year. In fact, these communities are often ranked highly in the ‘best places to live in America’ lists.

  • Safe Area. While each community in this region is ranked individually, many are ranked in the top spots for safe places to live in Florida. The crime rate is relatively low.

Naples Florida Real Estate Market Facts

  • Naples is predominately a ‘second home market’.

  • Presently, sales of Naples Florida real estate, particularly single family dwellings, is at an all-time high.

  • Prices of homes are presently still quite low.

  • Real estate investors are taking advantage of the rock-bottom prices.

  • Many of the recent home sales in Naples are locals. Some are those who can now afford a home, due to lower prices. Others, are local investors purchasing for vacation rental income.

  • There’s plenty of homes selling for under $200,000.

  • A buyer’s best deal is not necessarily the ‘cheapest’ deal. There’s so many other factors to consider.

  • It is ‘not smart’ to purchase real estate in Naples Florida, without the assistance and guidance of a good, savvy agent. They’ll keep you informed to trends, desirable neighborhoods, legalities, liabilities and other potential problems. They should also help you ‘get what you’re looking for’.

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    Florida Gulf Coast Real Estate has always been a ‘hot commodity’! The real estate market in Southwest Florida is exceptionally active now, due to the low prices.

    Whether you’re actively hunting for real estate in this area or just browsing, the best solid piece of advice I can give you?

    Be well-informed and knowledgeable in all aspects of purchasing real estate in the state of Florida. Know what you’re getting into. A good real estate agent can be worth their weight in gold!>

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