The Naples Fishing Pier, Naples FL!

The Naples Fishing Pier. A favorite of locals and visitors!

The historic fishing pier in Naples, can be found at the west end of 12th Avenue South in the naturally beautiful, Southwest Florida town of Naples FL.

It’s a great destination for a beach walk and it's close to Downtown Naples.

you’ll see dolphins and lots of other Florida bird, too.

There’s a snack bar and bait shop (open during the high season), and it’s always busy with fishermen, loading up with temptations for the fish!

It’s the best place to fish (it’s free), take the family, people watch and take in a stellar Naples sunset! Just another one of the many things to do in Naples!

Free Entrance to the Naples Florida Pier
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Unlike most other Florida fishing piers, there is no entrance charge to this pier in Naples. The pier is a very busy spot in Naples. Fishermen, walkers and ‘lookers’, frequent the pier, from very early morning, until sundown each day.

History of the Most Popular of Naples Florida Attractions

The historic Naples fishing pier is a wooden 1000’ long structure, stretching out from the Naples Municipal Beach, out into the Gulf of Mexico.

It was originally built in 1888 and was destroyed by fire once, and by hurricanes, three times.

The Naples fishing pier was built originally as a docking facility for large boats. Long tracks were used to move the luggage of the boat passengers to shore.

Parking at the Pier
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There’s ‘pay to park’ areas at the end of 12th Avenue. The machines accept coins and thankfully credit cards too. 10 minutes costs .25, $1.50/hour. A parking violation in this area costs a minimum of $32, so park in the parking lot or at meter so you don’t get ‘stung’!

Naples FL Fishing

At any given time, there’s lots of fishing action on the pier. The city of Naples picks up the tab for the fishing licensing requirements, so there’s no cost to fish here. However, there are some restrictions that must be adhered to.

  • Only one fishing line at any given time

  • No shark fishing allowed

  • Do not beach a shark on or near the pier

  • No nets or traps of any king allowed

  • Fishing reels must not exceed 4/0. Reel side plates must not exceed 4”

  • Floats must not exceed 4” in diameter

Best Naples Pier Fishing Tips
  • Weights – if in doubt, don’t use a weight. If you wish, throw a splitshot above the leader. The current around the pier changes a lot, so judge accordingly for weight required.

  • There’s snook, pompano, Spanish mackerel, sea trout most commonly around the pier.

  • There’s shark fishing too, but special gear and bait is needed.

  • Best bait to catch snook? Live shrimp.

  • Best lure for snook? Ask at Sunshine Ace Hardware. Ask for the pink lure. They’ll know what you’re looking for. I tried it. It works!

  • For fishing gear, go to Sunshine Ace Hardware. They know everything….. about fishing in Naples! Questions about bait, rods, reels, gear? They will guide you in the right direction! Note: They have frozen bait, but not live bait.
    Downtown Naples: 141 Tamiami Trail N., Naples 239-262-2940
    Monday-Saturday 7:30am-7pm, Sunday 9am-5pm

  • Need fishing bait?
    Angler’s Answer, 11387 Tamiami Trail E., Naples 239-775-7336
    Del’s, 2802 Thomasson Dr., Naples 239-774-3853….Open 24/7
    City Dock, 880 12th Ave. S., Naples

    Florida Fishing Piers

    These fishing piers in Florida are wonderful and relaxing places to be. Out on the water, enjoying the fabulous breezes from the water and the spectacular scenery. They’re great spots for fishing and people watching.

    The fishermen like ‘pier fishing’, as certain species of fish seem to ‘hang out’ around piers, as they are seeking shelter from the sun. In the shady areas under the piers, plant life often grows, which the fish love.

    Fireworks at the Naples Pier

    Look for the July 4th fireworks and parade, and the New Year’s Eve Fireworks display at the Naples Fishing Pier! Bring a comfy chair, some snacks. Take in a spectacular Naples sunset and then enjoy the fireworks display!

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