Big Cypress National
Preserve Guide!

Big Cypress National Preserve. Since it's establishment in 1974 by the U.S. government, the Big Cypress National Park, has been protecting numbers of endangered animals and plants.

This beautiful natural preserve in the sunshine state, is situated in Southern Florida, only 45 miles west of Miami.

The incredible 720,000 acre, spans the counties of Collier, Dade and Monroe.

This natural preserve, near Naples Florida, is truly the most 'stunning' of the Florida National Parks! No wonder, it attracts so many visitors every year!
The area contains both plants and animals native to a tropical and temperate climate, thus there is a diverse array of flora and fauna within the preserve.

Why was the Big Cypress National Preserve Established?

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The original purpose of the Big Cypress National Preserve, was to preserve the fresh, clean water supply in the area, which feeds the estuaries of the 10,000 Islands, nearby.

The 10,000 Islands area depends heavily on the well-being and ongoing integrity of the Big Cypress Swamp.

What Can I Expect to See at Big Cypress?

There a great deal to see at this incredible Florida National Park, and many of the visitor facilities are open daily.

With the amazing climate within Big Cypress, it attracts and is host to a huge array of unusual flora and fauna. The sub-tropical temperatures are required by some of the endangered species encountered at this Florida Preserve.

Some of the animals that you are may see:

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  • cottonmouth snakes
  • Eastern Diamondback rattler
  • Alligators
  • White-Tailed deer
  • Florida Panther(very elusive)
  • Florida Black Bear
  • wood stork and various other Florida birds.

Vegetation in the area consists of mangrove forests, cypress trees, royal palm, cigar orchids, pines, prairie grasses. These are just some of the vegetation types, found in the preserve.

What Activities are Available at Big Cypress?

Big Cypress National Preserve is absolute paradise for anyone who appreciates the great outdoors and it's potential for adventure! As well as the incredible flora and fauna to see, there are plenty of exciting activities for visitors at Big Cypress.

Many outdoor activities are available such as camping, bird watching, kayaking and hiking.

Should you wish to explore the preserve extensively, it's best to join a guided walking tour, to ensure you remain safe, and do not miss any of the fascinating unique sights at the Big Cypress Preserve.

Picnicking is also the 'perfect activity' for the whole family to enjoy at the preserve!

Be sure to catch one of the magnificent tours by the well-known local artist/photographer, Clyde Butcher. His tours are fascinating, and allow one to experience Big Cypress through his eyes.

If you have come prepared to enjoy some Florida camping, remember that all of the camp sites are on a first come first serve basis, therefore, being organized is essential. Be sure to call ahead to reserve a camp site.

Whether you wish to explore Big Cypress on your own, or join the ranger tours, you'll not be disappointed with all the fabulous sights and sounds that Big Cypress has to offer! Read the , and see for yourself!

Visitor Tips

Big Cypress National Preserve is immense and be somewhat intimidating for a first-time visitor. To appreciate the vastness and raw beauty of this Florida National Preserve, visitors must respect it.

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  2. Don't feed the 'gators. As a visitor to the preserve, the authorities warn that the alligators must never feed or encouraged to come closer to public areas. There is the threat if they become too accustomed to humans, they could become even more aggressive.

  3. Be prepared for the weather. The climate within the preserve is also very unusual, and during the winter months, it can be severe. Wearing the appropriate clothing for the activity is essential.

  4. Allow sufficient time to explore. Whether visiting for the day, or camping for an extended stay, be sure to take the time necessary to get the 'full experience' of this natural wonder of Florida!

Location: 33100 Tamiami Trail East Ochopee,FL,34141
Phone: 239-695-1201

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