Best Romantic Florida
Beach Wedding Ideas for Ceremonies!

Top romantic Florida beach wedding ideas for Naples Florida weddings! A beach wedding, especially a Florida beach wedding, is absolutely the epitome of romance!

With the stellar backdrop of the tropical sun, the soft sand and sparkling water, the gathering together of friends and family for a couple committing to one another forever, is truly the most romantic moment of a lifetime!The beach has a natural sensuous and sultriness about it.

It’s very easy to add some extra romance to the mix with a few romantic ideas.

It adds to the ambiance of the special day. It only takes just a little extra effort and planning. There’s no shortage of wedding ideas for the ‘big important things’ such as flower choices, themes, dresses, venues, décor, and rings.

But, it’s a combination of all things and especially the little touches that make any beach wedding, especially a Florida beach wedding, one that rivals even the most romantic fairy tale ever written!

Romantic Beach Wedding Ideas for the Ceremony
  • A heart drawn in the sand, with both names in the heart. The heart can be in front of the couple as they are exchanging vows or the couple can stand in a ‘large heart' formed or drawn in the sand, while exchanging vows
  • Tropical scented candles such as coconut, papaya, and mango. Vanilla is a great choice too: it’s said to be an ‘aphrodisiac’! Intoxicating!
  • A Florida beach wedding at sunrise or sunset. A very romantic and sensuous atmosphere when the sun rises or sets! Prime setting for stunning beach wedding photos. Naples Florida weddings certainly have a distinct advantage in that the sunsets here are absolutely stellar! Couldn’t be more perfect for romantic weddings on the beach!
  • Candles. Have the bridesmaids and attendants hold candles for a beach wedding ceremony at dusk
  • 'Memorabilia' Bring to the ceremony and surprise your partner, by presenting them with a memorable little trinket or token from your past together, such as a love note you’ve kept, a favorite photo, something that reminds you of the ‘early days’ when you were first dating. Tell your partner what the item is and why it’s special to you. Or in the alternative, ‘plan’ to exchange items at the ceremony.
  • Flower Petals. Line the aisle to the alter with flower petals designating an aisle leading to the ‘alter’.
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  • Taking more time. Plan on spending 'extra' time to look at each other when approaching the alter or when both partners are at the alter. No need to ‘dive right in’ to the speaking part of the ceremony. Since the surf could be louder than you think at a Florida beach, keep the amount of speaking at the ceremony to a minimum!

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    A great idea that I’ve seen is the couple join together, holding hands and talk for a few minutes, outside of the audible range of the guests. This serves two purposes. It allows the couple to relax for a bit before the ceremony. It's a very romantic gesture for the couple. The guests enjoy the view of the couple bonding together, with the beach as the backdrop. It helps to set the stage for the romantic ceremony about to begin. The guests try to imagine what the couple are saying, but can only hear the roll of the surf!

  • The Dress. Since a Florida beach wedding simply oozes romance, it only stands to reason that the ‘dress of choice’ ought to be something unique, distinctive and yes … SEXY! The dress need not be expensive, but something comfortable. Something that ‘hugs your curves’, and has that ‘wow’ appeal! This is the beach and there are no set rules for attire. Choose something that makes ‘you’ feel good, look good and evokes romance!
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  • No Shoes! Choosing to go barefoot is very romantic and fun too! There are awesome ‘sole-less’ sandals available, that look very chic and hot!
  • A Butterfly Release. A fairy-tale come true! A popular idea for romantic weddings! Releasing butterflies at a Florida beach wedding ceremony can be done by giving each guest a ‘butterfly box’ to release their own butterfly A mass release is beautiful too. It is believed that a wish is whispered to the captured butterfly. Upon the release of the butterfly, granting it’s freedom, the wish then comes true!
  • Music choices are easy. Music should be something romantic and special to the couple. Instrument soloists such as violin, flute, cello, harp or even steel drums are good ideas, or something prerecorded that holds special meaning for the couple.
  • Tiki torches burning at a sunset beach wedding or at the reception. Dreamy!
  • Sparklers. After the ceremony, the couple walks down an aisle lined with the wedding guests, each holding a ‘sparkler’. Enchanting!

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Florida Beach Wedding Photo Ideas

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  • The ‘trash the dress’ idea. Love it! Very romantic and very sexy too! Often there’s just not enough pics of the bride in her dress! This highlights the dress and the bride and pretty much ‘trashes’ the dress, in hope that she’ll never need the dress again! At a beach wedding, there's the opportunity to have some unique and fun pics right in the water!
  • Kissing in the water. Pic in the water embracing in a sensuous, romantic, long kiss! Stand in ankle deep water, to the knees or get completely wet for a fun, but romantic, anything-goes style pic! Fun for the couple and great entertainment for the guests!
  • Bride ‘piggy-backing’ on the groom. Playful!
  • Couple walking away from the camera. Walking on the beach toward the setting sun.
  • The classic ‘kissing’ pose. The groom takes the bride in his arms, bends the bride backwards and the couple engage in a sensuous kiss!
  • Jump for Joy.Couple or entire wedding party ‘jumping for joy’
  • Romantic Kisses! Lots and lots of the ‘kissing couple’! They’re always ‘keepers’!
  • Wedding bridal bouquet in the foreground, with the couple standing by the water’s edge on the beach in the background

Romantic Hotels in Naples

Romantic Wedding Locations in and around Naples FL
Venues for Naples Florida Weddings

Naples FL
Luxury Naples resorts!
La Playa Resort, 9891 Gulf Shore Drive
Hilton Naples Florida The Ritz Carlton, 280 Vanderbilt Beach Road
Hotel Escalante, 290-5th Ave.
The Inn on Fifth, 699-5th Ave
Bayfront Inn,
Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club, 851 Gulf Shore Blvd N

Marco Island FL
Marco Island Florida is very close to Naples Fl and is also a great location for a Florida beach wedding.
Hilton Marco Island, 560 South Collier Blvd
Marco Island Marriott Beach Resort, 400 South Collier Blvd.
Marco Beach Ocean Resort, 480 South Collier Blvd
Marco Island Yacht Club, 1400 N Collier Blvd
The Clubhouse at Hideaway Beach, 250 South Beach Dr.

Naples Beaches
Check here for more detailed information to choose a Naples beach for a romantic Naples wedding!

Marco Island Beaches
Residents Beach, Marco Island

Other Alternatives
Naples Princess- For the ceremony or the reception festivities. 239-649-2275

For more information for beach wedding locations, Naples wedding suppliers and vendors, check out the Naples Florida Weddings Suppliers Directory!

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A wedding is all about romance, after all. But a Florida beach wedding has everything it takes, to be the most romantic wedding ever!

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