Top 15 Tips for Choosing
the Best Vacation Beaches!

If you're looking for vacation beaches for your tropical holiday, there's several things you should consider before choosing a beach.

Even the best beaches in the world may not suit your taste and needs!

The most popular of the vacation beaches in North America, are Florida Beaches!

They are top notch for a great beach vacation. Why?

With over 700+ miles of gorgeous coastline, you're sure to find a beach to please! Consider each of the tips when surfing the net, or booking with your travel agent.

Be sure to find out as much as you're able about your vacation beach before you go!

Beach vacations can be expensive, so do your homework and choose wisely!

Tips to Choosing the Best Vacation Beaches for You!

  • Sand quality and color. White soft, sugary sand beaches. Brown, coarse sand beaches.

    And yes, even black sand beaches.
    The darker colored sand absorbs sunlight is hot on the feet! White sand? Stays cool!

  • Danger. Rip tides? Shore breaks? Jelly fish? Sting-rays? Sharks?
    Need a kid friendly beach? Look for gentle wave action. Gently sloping to deeper water.
    Soft, cool sand. Bathrooms and convenient parking nearby.

  • Crowds? Age? Some people love the crowds on the beach. Others hate it. And what someone thinks is much too crowded, someone else thinks it is not. Often, particular beaches attract specific age groups. Eg. Spring break crowds, the seniors crowd, families. Many vacation beaches are amazingly beautiful, and LOTS of other people may think the same as you..... THE BEACHES CAN BE VERY CROWDED!!!

  • Water quality, temperature and clarity. No one likes yucky dirty water or garbage littered beaches. The ideal beach has crystal clear blue water and the beach is pristine and well- maintained. Warm water is certainly preferable, but some like it a little on the cooler side.

  • How far are you willing to travel? There’s plenty of amazing beaches on this planet, but are you willing to ‘blow the wad’, to travel halfway around the world to get there? Maybe only then to find out it isn't really as great as you were led to believe? Maybe look for something relatively close to home? Also, look for something within your budget range.

  • Shells. Lots of great beaches for shelling. Great past-time for everyone at the beach. Leave the ‘live’ ones be.

  • Scenery. This is one of the top reasons we head for the beach. We love what we see.

  • Birds and Wildlife. The nature lovers enjoy taking photos of the wildlife. Great to be close to nature.

  • Good for water sports. Live reef for snorkeling. Surfable: great wave action!

  • Restaurants. A top beach may not be so great if you’re in the middle of paradise and you can’t even get a burger! There ought to be restaurants in a broad range of prices, within a reasonable distance from the shore.

  • Nightlife & Entertainment. After baking in the sun for the day, what better way to end the day than to show off that tan, when ‘clubbing’ in the evening. Some of us like to ‘let loose’ after the sun goes down!

  • Weather. Tropical. Lots and lots of sun. No rain. 80+ degrees is ideal. Some ‘like it hot’. Some don’t like it ‘quite so hot’. Some beaches are have their ‘prime’ weather at particular times of the year, rather than year round. This is a pretty important factor!

  • Accommodations. Need a good range of prices and styles of accommodations. Hotels, bed & breakfasts, motels, luxury resorts, camp grounds. Or the Florida Keys, there's an underwater resort!

    The Florida Beaches offer so much variety for hotels, resorts, vacation rentals and resorts.

  • Privacy, Quiet. Perfect for a picnic for two. An afternoon stroll. A marriage proposal. Or better still, a beach wedding! Some people love the 'hype' of a busy beach. A romantic vaction in Florida!
  • The adventure. The experiences. Rocks to climb on. Shells on the beach. An old pier to explore. A diving raft.

Most of us love beaches for the water, sky and the awesome scenery. But most of all, we love them for the adventure and experiences.

Memories are created at the beach. Many fond memories. That's what REALLY makes ANY beach special. Enjoying the beach with good friends, makes for good times.

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