Upper Peninsula, Michigan,U.S.2

If you ever visit Michigan's Upper Peninsula, take a drive down U.S.2. The highway runs along the shores of Lake Michigan.

There really isn't a name for this beach that I'm aware of, but it begins about 10 miles from St. Ignace and continues along the Lake Michigan shore line for about the next 30 miles.

If you like seclusion, bright yellow-white sand, wind-swept scenery complete with grey-silver trees aged by the weather, pristine blue water and lots of the great outdoors, this is the beach for you!

Unlike many big name beaches, this humble beach is secluded without city people or traffic to mar it's beauty. It's like you are the only person on the shores of Lake Michigan.

There are sand dunes about 30 miles from the beach, which are pretty cool too. I spent a few days there with my family and loved the raw beauty and seclusion.

If you like camping, there are about five different camping areas along this stretch of beach, all maintained by the Michigan DNR.

So if your ever visiting the upper peninsula in Michigan and want seclusion and enjoy the raw beauty of unspoiled beaches, check this beach out. I'm sure you will love it.

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Dreams of Youth and Marriage
by: Anonymous

As a young Canadian boy traveling from Saskatchewan with my parents to Saginaw, we travelled this stretch of road many times in the 1950's before the bridge was built.

It always a most beautiful stretch of highway,clearly the best of 1700 miles of driving. My parents and I stopped once for a picnic lunch, just off #2 beside a little stream with a picnic table.

After I was married, my wife and I stayed at a picturesque little motel on the north side of the highway looking out on Lake Michigan. The sunset was gorgeous. Honeymooners would salivate for the site.

US # 2
by: Mike O

Next time you visit, take US2 all the way to Ironwood. That is God's country all the way!

by: Dan

I have lived in the U.P. all my life, and now live in Menominee (almost Wisconsin) and have lived in the central part, the Marquette area, Escanaba/Gladstone and travel to many parts on a fairly regular basis. I see all of these pages, and realize how blind I have been for my whole life. I have taken these sights for granted (until pointed out by others), driving through and past, looking but not seeing. I do however think how much a lot of folks (city kids, etc) would just LOVE to see what we see everyday, our scenery changes all the time, we have water, sand trees (in many colors and textures) bridges, waterfalls, etc. We really do not know just how good we have it, I would love to show this lovely peninsula to everyone (and then they can go home), and share the beauty we live in every day.

Catherine's Comment: Dan, we ALL do that. Beauty in our own backyard, but just don't realize it, because we see it everyday.

UP Michigan
by: Barb.

Escanaba has a beautiful lakefront and great surrounding areas. The UP is often underrated and some folks don't even know the UP exists. Don't miss it - and watch for the deer and other wild life!

by: Anonymous

I've driven this stretch of road a number of times , and it always seems to pass too quickly! It really is a beautiful piece of coastline! My friend Tina can vouch for that!

The Dunes
by: Anonymous

I grew up in St. Ignace and spent many a happy summer at "the dunes". I still have to go there every time I am back.

Catherine's Comment: Wow. I think we ought to name this area or beach. You refer to it as 'The Dunes'. That sounds like a great name.

Heaven on Earth!
by: Vicki P

While I was born and raised in Gulliver, about 80 miles from the bridge, I now live in the Lansing area. I drive this stretch several times a year and when I see this beach I am 'home'. I wish that I had appreciated it as much growing up. Little did I know!

Catherine's Comment: Yes, I know exactly what you mean by that. We often don't appreciate some of these places. It often takes a stranger to point out the beauty of an area, before we realize that these places we take for granted, are extraordinarily beautiful and special.

by: Anonymous

It's breathtaking there. I plan to make a visit this summer if I can. I haven't been there in years!

Catherine's Comment: It sounds great. You ought to take the time to visit and enjoy!

Don't Tell Anyone!!!
by: Jim Madole

The drive from St. Ignace is awesome. One of the few places left to drive that hasn't turned into condos and no trespassing signs. The sunsets are gorgeous, the views spectacular. Shhhh!!! Don't tell anyone! I like it just the way it is!!

Catherine's Comment:Sorry Jim, the word's out! Places this wonderful don't stay a secret for long!

by: Dorothea

When ever we are traveling to and from Ishpeming, I want to stop and enjoy those quiet sand dunes and beach area, but...... We are always in a hurry to go up or down state! One day....

Catherine's Comment: Do take the time to stop some day. You'll be glad you did.

Come visit the U.P. !
by: Sharon Pio

Just like Florida, we are surrounded by water, FRESH water. Naples is one of my favorite Florida places, the U.P. is my backyard! Beautiful beaches, forests, wildlife and peace of mind. Our sun rises & falls over the majestic akes we are blessed to be surrounded by.

US #2 is # 1!
by: Anonymous

There's nothing like it. It is beautiful in summer, and equally as picturesque with snow and ice in the winter.

Catherine's Comment: There's something very peaceful and serene about a beach covered in snow and ice. It's like it's being preserved for the next summer season!

by: Anonymous

I am formerly from Manistique, 87 miles west of the bridge in the UP. I have driven this stretch many many times and I am always in awe of this beach. It is just pristine and beautiful and sometimes a little eerie.

Catherine's Comment: After reading so many comments about this beach without a name, I'm surprised that it doesn't have a name, and someone hasn't capitalized on it's beauty and commercialized it.

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