The Orlando Florida Beaches!

The Orlando Florida Beaches are only a short drive away from the hustle and bustle at Disney World! Head for the east coast Florida beaches, and enjoy the surf!

Orlando Florida is one of THE busiest tourist attractions in the world!

The rides, the kids, the hype, the sights and sounds and the flashing lights!

When it’s time to take a break From ‘Uncle Walt’s World’, the best thing to do is head for the beach!

Orlando Florida is located in the heart of Florida, therefore to take in the beach scene, there’s some traveling involved.
Fortunately, there are a few good Florida beaches close to Orlando, on Florida’s east coast.

What are the Orlando Florida Beaches Best Known For?

  • The beaches of Orlando being located on the Atlantic coast of Florida, are excellent for surfing. The wave action of the Atlantic Ocean is greater than that of Florida’s Gulf of Mexico.

  • Since the sun rises in the east, the sunrises of these eastern Florida beaches are spectacular!

  • The waters of the Atlantic are cooler than most of the other Florida beaches, so you might want to wear a wet suit should wish to try surfing! The cool water is certainly refreshing!

Most Popular East Coast Central/ Orlando Beaches

Daytona Beach and Cocoa Beach are the most well-known and popular of the beaches in Florida, closest to Orlando. It’s about a one hour drive northeast of Orlando, FL.

  • Daytona Beach is best known for it’s wide, flat beaches, where there is ‘vehicle traffic’ and parking! There is ‘on beach’ and off beach parking in Daytona, for a few dollars. There are two events in Daytona, which you may want to avoid, due to the extreme crowds. Bike Week, held in March, is extremely hectic, as is ‘Spring Break’, which is at it’s peak in late February, March and early April.

  • Cocoa Beach is known to be a hot ‘surfing’ hub of the beaches in Florida. It’s only about an hour’s drive from Orlando and is family friendly too. There’s lots of inexpensive hotels and cheap eats, which is a consideration if you have lots of little ones to feed!

    Be sure to check out ‘Ron Jon’s Surf Shop’, when in Cocoa Beach. They have every thing that you’d ever want or need to take to the beach! A VERY cool store… kids and adults will ‘dig’ this store!

  • New Smyrna Beach is another great choice of Florida beaches, within a reasonable driving distance of Orlando. It’s about a 1.25 hour drive, is very clean and also family friendly.

  • Melbourne Beach is another choice of beaches in Florida, convenient to Disney World and Orlando, FL. It is also located on Florida’s Atlantic coast, about an hour and ten minute drive from Orlando Florida.

  • Sebastian Inlet is another east coast beach destination to consider. It’s a very popular surfing spot and hosts several surfing contests annually. It’s also a Florida State Park, too, so there’s options for camping, if you’re so inclined.

Other Florida beaches near Orlando FLA

The Florida Gulf Coast Beaches are not far from Orlando either. The drive to the closest beach on Florida’s Gulf Coast would be a bit more than 2 hours. Clearwater Beach is the nearest of the Orlando Florida beaches on the west coast of Florida.

There's very few people who come to Florida that aren't interested in spending at least one day at a beach in Florida! These east coast beaches of Florida, will satisfy your urge to experience a real Florida beach and escape the hype of Disney, even if only for a day!

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