Your Naples Vacation
Rentals Guide!

Naples vacation rentals are a great money saving alternative to resorts! Rentals in Naples Florida offer lots of choice of price range, amenities and location!

Should you decide to spend your precious vacation in one of the home or condo rentals in Naples Florida, you won’t regret it!

Once you’ve tried it, you’ll love it!!

A vacation rental is a fully furnished home or condo which you can rent for a specified period of time, for a set cost from either the home owner directly or a vacation rental management company.

There's so many advantages to renting a vacation home ! They're more comfortable, especially for families, groups, or several couples vacationing together.

Looking around for a vacation rental home in the Naples or Southwest Florida area? Read why a Naples rental vacation home is a wise choice!

Price of Vacation Rentals in Naples Florida

The Location

Prices vary substantially for Naples vacation rentals. Naples rental options are widely available in this area. You can choose to be close the beaches or at least within walking distance, or near shopping and restaurants. Basically, Naples rental homes are usually less expensive when farther away from the beach.

The Season

The season is another factor that dictates price. A modest home in the Naples area in the summer, the off-season, start around $650 week. In the winter, the peak season, prices can run start around $1200. . The spring and fall rates lie average somewhere in between the above two. These are just very average costs. You can pay up upwards of $10,000+ per week for some Naples vacation rentals, but WOW.... they are unbelievably fabulous!!! But you don't have to pay this much to get something nice, clean, spacious and comfortable.

There are very few in this area to rent by the night, although there are a few.

Naples rental properties are commonly booked for a minimum of one week, for a month or a season. The longer the booking time, the better the rate. There are lots of great seasonal deals available.

From my experience, the rates for 2 or 3 week blocks are better than the one week blocks. Naples home and condo owners seem to be pretty fair about this practice. I should also mention that most will accommodate odd numbers of days like 10 or 12 day stays, and simply pro-rate the cost to the weekly rate, which I think is more than fair, considering they may not be able to fill the rest of the week with another rental party.

The Quality/Size/Extra Luxury

naples home, waterfront home, luxury home A third factor that dictates the price of Naples vacation rentals, is the quality and size of the home, as well as the extra features of the home.. The more people the home ‘sleeps’, the more money it’ll cost you. A 3800 sq’ home with 4 super-sized televisions, a games room, large pool, whirlpool, and lanai, 5 bedrooms, full kitchen and bar, marble floors and a view of an inner-coastal waterway with boat launch will cost substantially more than a modest 3 bedroom home, without a pool, and is located 3 miles from the beach area! You’ve got the picture.

Carefully consider what you wish to spend on a ‘per night’ basis, and then shop around. There are some great deals available and lots of choice available. Book your vacation as soon as you’re able! The ‘deals’ get scooped up quickly. Usually a deposit will hold your Naples rental vacation home for you. Check with the rental company or home owner for details.

A Vacation Rental With or Without a Pool?

pool with lanai, naples vacation rentals, tropical pool setting
It’s possible to save even more money by renting a home without a pool. In fact, there are some awesome deals to be had for these homes, as they are less in demand than the rentals with pools. But unless there is some specific reason, other than saving money, I would strongly recommend spending the extra bit of money to enjoy a home with a pool. If you have kids, it’s so wonderful! They can play in the pool literally all day, while you lounge by the pool to keep an eye on them. In many of the homes, you can sit in the living room, with a great view of the pool, through wide doors that open up to the pool area!

Night or early morning swims are great. Most resorts have definite hours of operation. Most resort pools do not open until about 9am and close around 7pm in the evening. With a rental home, you choose when you want to swim! It’s an option that is worthy of the extra cost.

A Pool Secret Worth Knowing!

If your rental home has a pool, be sure it has a ‘lanai’! A lanai is an enclosure, normally of plexi-glass, to keep the leaves and dirt from landing in the pool, and most importantly, to keep out the critters! This is a must in tropical areas with pools because you just never know when a critter may wish to take up residence in your pool! Most Naples vacation rentals have lanais, but not all of them! Be sure to check this out!!!

Naples Rental Properties

Take a look at our Naples Vacation Rentals property listings, for Naples FL and surrounding areas!

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