Naples Florida Map & Getting Around Naples!

Naples Florida Map. A quick study of a map of Naples Florida, is one of the best ways to become familiar with the area, should you be planning a vacation in the Naples area.

Naples FL is a coastal city, located in the Southeast U.S. in probably the most well-known of all the American states: the sunshine state of Florida.

The city itself, is situated on Florida’s southwest coast, in Collier County and borders the beautiful Gulf of Mexico.

The city was tagged as Naples many years ago, when folks realized several similarities to Naples Italy, particularly it’s wonderful mild and moderate climate.

Geographic Location

If you look at the Naples Florida map, you'll see it’s exact geographic location of latitude 26.13 and longitude 81.80.

Naples covers about 14 ½ square miles, with about 2 ½ sq miles of the area being water.

It sits about 3 feet above sea level. Naples FLA is home to approximately 21,000+ people and over 315,00 +, if one takes into account, Marco Island, Everglades City and the surrounding area.

Driving Directions to Naples

This Naples Florida map shows the main highways which lead to Naples. The highway system in the area is well laid out and easy to follow.

Essentially, there are two main highways leading to Naples. - Interstate 75 runs north-south in Florida, and runs into Naples. When you arrive far enough south, you simply head west for a short distance and you’re in Naples. - Should you be traveling on Interstate 95, which is also a north-south major highway, you can follow it south until you reach ‘Alligator Alley’, which is I-75, and then head west to Naples.

Getting Around Naples - Map of Naples Florida

Getting around Naples is pretty easy too. Tamiami Trail, which is U.S.#41, runs north-south and parallel to the water (Gulf of Mexico). At approximately around the downtown area, it turns to more of a southeasterly direction and runs out of the city.

U.S.#41 leads to Fort Myers and Fort Myers Beach, north of Naples. It also leads out of Naples to Marco Island, as well as east, which would take you directly to the city of Miami.

My best advice if you’re vacationing in Naples, is to use a Naples Florida map to locate a few of the landmarks which will help you get your bearings. Use whatever reference points you can relate to.

Here are a few suggestions for reference points you may wish to locate on a map of Naples. I like to use Tamiami Trail and the Gulf of Mexico, as reference points. If you know the general location of these points of reference, it’s pretty simple to find most any place you’re looking for in Naples.

Many folks have a GPS, which can be a huge help with driving or walking directions! Many of the smart phones have fabulous apps which can take the stress out of finding your way around too!

Southwest Florida Map

Should you decide to explore outside of the Naples Florida area, a map of Southwest Florida can help you decide how far away you’d like to venture out!

I recommend the following areas to explore outside of Naples. I've based the recommendations on two things: relatively short travel distances from Naples and what there is to see and do at these locations, given the travel distance and time.

If you are planning to be in Naples for at least a few weeks, I’d recommend one or two of the destinations below that are further away and take more travel time.

However, if your stay is a week or less, and it’s your first visit to Naples, I’d recommend staying in the Naples and Marco Island area. You'll definitely find there's lots to explore and discover in this area!

Approximate Distances and Travel Times

These distances are for travel 'one way', from Naples FL.

  • Fort Myers Beach - 28 miles (.75 hr)
  • Sanibel Island - 48 miles ( 1.25 hr)
  • Marco Island - 18 miles (.5 hr)
  • The Florida Everglades (varies according to destination in the Everglades, allow approx. 1 hr. travel to see alligator farms, airboat rides etc.)
  • Disney World, Orlando - 200 miles (3.75 hr)
  • Miami - 124 miles (2hr)
  • Key West - 239 miles (5 hr driving time or by boat excursion from Marco Island, about 3hr+)

Do take the time to peruse a Naples Florida map to get an idea of ‘where in the world you are’!

Naples is a fantastic Florida beach vacation destination…. Knowing where you are and how to get around efficiently, will help you get the most from your vacation dollars!

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