The Bamboo Cafe: Best of French Naples Restaurants

Formerly The Bamboo Cafe, recently renamed, 'Chez Boet'! One of the finest restaurants in Naples Florida! A charming, little neighborhood bistro.

Upon my first visit to this Naples Florida restaurant, it was plain to see, there was a lot of love and care into not only the food creations, but the overall setting and ambiance of the restaurant. The lights in the room were low, and accented with candles. Soft, tasteful piano music infiltrated the room, ever so subtly.

Immediately, we were warmly greeted by our server. We chose a lovely Pinot Grigio to accompany our choice of an appetizer, which consisted of shrimp and scallops.

I ordered an exotic Moroccan dish, Seafood tagine: a steamed stew, oven-baked with lots of veggies, herbs and spices. It was rich with fish, shrimp and scallops, dates, and preserved lemons. Absolutely divine.
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The others at my table enjoyed the Irish Organic Salmon, the Boeuf a la Bourguignonne and the Carre d’Agneau. I was fortunate enough to sample the Carre d’Agneau, which is New Zealand lamb, with a silky port wine sauce. It was to ‘die for’! So, so tender and succulent. Beautiful.

For the final course, we shared a generous serving of Napoleon for dessert. Dreamy.

The service at this Naples Fl restaurant was stellar. The food was outstanding. The atmosphere....a delightful mix of chic and old world. Very elegant and quite relaxing.

Naples Restaurants

Not all of the great restaurants in Naples are on Fifth Avenue! This little gem is tucked away on 12th Ave., close to other shops, and quite close to the water. Should you car to come by boat, there are docking facilities very close by.

Naples Originals

This Naples restaurant is part of an independent group of restaurants, owned and operated by Naples locals. Approximately 32 restaurants are part of the Naples Original group.

A Great Find for a Romantic Dinner in Naples FL

The Bamboo Cafe has the perfect ambiance for a beautiful romantic dinner in Naples! Soft candlelight, soft music, exquisite food and service. All the makings for an enchanting evening with the one you love.BR>

Open 7 nights/week, from 5pm-10pm

755-12th Ave. S.,
Naples, FL 34102

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