Discover Bahia Honda State Park: An All Natural Florida Beach

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The Bahia Honda State Park, is an absolutely gorgeous Florida State Park, located in Big Pine Key in the Florida Keys.

Many travelers come from near and far, to explore the Keys in FL. The Keys offer some world-class snorkeling, stellar scenery and lots of chances to just plain relax! Bahia Honda is a good choice for taking in the best of the 'real' Keys of FL!

If you've decided to take in the Florida Keys when vacationing in Southwest Florida, this beach is easily accessible, when traveling to Key West. Stroll the beach and have a swim....the pleasures at Bahia Honda are simple and delightful!

The islands or keys, as they are known, are rich with spectacular scenery and beaches. Bahia Honda State Park is one of the southern Florida beaches, and is also a state park.

Bahia Honda is known as one of the top beaches in Florida and often makes the 'best beaches in the U.S.' list, from time to time. The weather in Bahia Honda, is wonderfully warm and sunny, year round.... a perfect beach for camping!

This park and beach is a popular destination for Floridians and travelers alike, for day trips. It's perfect for those folks who love a beach in it's natural, raw state, and love swimming, picnicking, and strolling the beach. Bahia is ideal for family vacations in Florida, as well as for the outdoor adventure types, looking for a casual, laid-back day in the Florida sun!

This Florida Keys beach, is a top notch location to kick back and relax, or explore and take in the vibe of this tropical paradise!

If you're looking for a well-groomed, perfect sandy beach, Bahia Honda is not for you. This beach is unspoiled and incredibly beautiful, with natural vegetation left untouched and grasses growing on the beach. It's kept very clean by the State Parks, but do keep in mind, it's in it's raw natural state.

Tip: Be sure to take your own food, drink and snacks,
whether for a day of play or a week of camping.

Things to Do in Bahia Honda State Park

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  • Beaches - If you 'dig' the beach and all the wonderful things about the beach, you'll love the sandy beach and the evening sunsets. This area also hosts some of THE best snorkeling in the Keys.
    Calusa Beach, Loggerhead and Sandspur Beaches, are the perfect tropical beaches to spend a lazy afternoon! There South Florida beaches are nice and shallow, great for families with young children.

  • Water Sports - If you'd care to have some fun on the water, there's reasonably priced kayak and snorkeling equipment rentals available.

  • Biking - Bahia Honda State Park boasts a 3 1/2 mile bike path.... just another fantastic way to check out the park, see the sights and get some exercise, too!

  • Love fishing? - There's great fishing at Bahia Honda, and a boat ramp, if you have the urge to get out on the water, for a 'little angling'.

  • Hiking - The park features 3 hiking trails. You'll really feel like you're in a tropical area, when you see the lush gardens, birds, sea turtles and other local wildlife, when exploring the park!

  • Wildlife - It's difficult to avoid wildlife when visiting Bahia Honda State Park. It's part of the experience at the park, so be prepared, to be close to nature!

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  • Snorkeling - This spot is one of my favorites, for snorkeling. Thereboat trips available from the area, which venture out to the live coral reef. The coral reef is also one of the best spots in all of Florida for scuba diving, too. Snorkeling tours are available to Looe Key National Marine Sanctuary, one of the top spots for diving.

    Whether a pro, a beginner, or if you've never tried snorkeling, you shouldn't miss the chance to take in the 'underwater world' of the reefs in this area. Boat trips and equipment rental are decently priced, and if snorkeling is something you've always wanted to do, be sure to take advantage of the opportunity, when visiting Bahia Honda State Park..... it's the chance of a life time. You'll be glad you did!

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For those folks who love adventure, there's camping spots at this state park. You can camp on the beach overnight, at one of the three different campsite areas or stay in one of the .

Just an F.Y.I., there's a small concession stand where park visitors can purchase such things as sandwiches, snacks or ice, just in case of hunger!

Bahia Honda State Park is an ideal destination for those who want to experience the natural side of Florida...families, budget-minded travelers, couples and especially those who crave the experience of being close to nature! The Keys offer year-round fantastic weather, and the temperatures are ideal for a winter getaway or a summer vacation!

Those who want to experience the Florida Keys on South Florida vacations, without spending a lot of money, can take in some beach camping at Bahia Honda, spend some time exploring the park, take in some of the fun water sports, or just spend the days being lazy on the beach!

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