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Advertising sponsors are important to us. They provide the means to continue to give you great Naples Florida information, updates and deals! may receive forms of paid advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions or other forms of compensation.

If you wish to be a ‘Sponsor’ and advertise on, just send us a message, indicating your interests, at the bottom of this page!

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The compensation received by this website, may influence the advertising content, topics or posts, viewed on this website. However, we will not ever write a review or received compensation for a company’s ad, that we do not like. When we accept compensation, it’s because we would have written about them anyway. The content, advertising space or post may not always be identified as paid content or sponsored content.

From time to time, companies and individuals send us something to review. If we like it, we’ll say so in our review. If we don’t like it, we return the item(s), and don’t post any review at all,

Sometimes we are given complementary accommodations, lodging or special consideration to review, and that we don’t like. If we don’t like it, we don’t do the review, rather than write a poor review.

The owner of this website may be compensated to provide opinions on such things as services, various products, books, websites and other topics of interest. Even though the owner of this website receives compensation for the advertisements or posts, we give our honest opinions, findings or experiences on those topics or products.

Any views and opinions expressed on are the opinions of this website. Any opinions, claims or statistics regarding a product or a service reviewed on this site, should be confirmed and verified with the company, service provider, manufacturer or party concerned.

Advertisers and Sponsors

At, we have commercial relationships with various companies, and have other affiliate advertisers and sponsors which include, but are not limited to:

  • Google Adsense, which is clearly identified
  • TripAdvisor
  • HotelsCombined
  • Beat the Brochure
  • Media-Net
  • LinkShare
Should you click on a contextual ad or text links on this website that takes you to one of the websites we are affiliated with, and/or make a purchase from that affiliate, we receive a small payment or commission from that click or sale. Unless we’ve reviewed the product, none of these companies compensates us in any other way. We discover some very good products and services this way, and that is why we pass this information and knowledge on to you.

In the alternative, some of our sponsors pay a monthly or annual fee for advertising.

If this website hosts a ‘giveaway’ program, we may have received something for free for review. The company may have sponsored free items for giveaways to a site visitor. The review we post is our own opinion, and although the company or sponsor in question may read the review, our opinion stated in the review is not influenced, changed or edited by them. These advertisers and sponsors don’t provide compensation to this site for reviewing any product other than providing us with the means to provide a fair, accurate and honest product or service review. We also don’t publish any content which could facilitate a ‘conflict of interest’.

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