Shankumugham Beach, India

Shankumugham Beach, India, is a beautiful and exotic beach in Southern India. This beach attracts lots of locals as well as a very large number of tourists.

When I visited this beach, during my visit to the International Film Festival of Kerala last year, we were looking for somewhere to go after seeing a 'really bad movie'!

It was about 4 in the afternoon and we decided to head for the beach! We took a rickshaw which cost 50 Indian rupees for the ride. The beach was starting to get very crowded already!

The view of the sun is really awesome here. You can see the nearby fishing villages where people are getting ready for their work, different types of boats, birds trying to get food from the shore and boats out in the sea. It's a very busy place. You can also see the sculpture by Kanayi Kunju Raman, one of the famous artists of India.

We decided to just sit near the beach with a pack of fried groundnuts. This is a very
romantic way to spend time with a loved one in India. We watched the sunset and simply enjoyed the sites and the setting sun!

This is a very unique experience and very different from the North American beaches.

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