North Beach, Ft. Pierce, FL

My favorite Florida beach for the last 29 years has been North Beach, Fort Pierce, FL. Often called North Jetty by residents, the shallow water area that extends out from the beach, is perfect for kids to play in, without getting knocked over by large waves.

Close by the jetty itself, there are tons of cool sea life to see, if you look in the pools next to the rocks. There's rocks to climb on, if you're so inspired. If the sun is in 'just the right spot', there's a wee bit of shade by the rocks in case you forget your beach umbrella. Be warned. Climbing the rocks is great, but I've often ended up with a skinned knee! But it's so worth it!

One of my favorite memories of this beach, was when a friend and I went out too far on the rocks and the tide came in! To get back to shore, we ended up diving off the rocks into the ocean and body surfing the whole way back to shore! I don't recommend this if you're not a strong swimmer!

Another favorite memory is when a large shadowy creature was swimming toward a group of us. The guys on surfboards quickly pulled up feet, and the rest of us in the water were getting very nervous when this creature got close enough to screaming distance. One of the surfers realized it was a manatee! Whew! We all had a good laugh, after we got our breath back!

Great beach, great memories. Tip: Best Florida beach on east coast to take small kids as there are rarely drop offs and no rip tides near the jetty.
Excellent for family beach vacations.

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