Magical Disney Vacation, Orlando Florida!

Whenever I think about vacations, I always think about Florida.

December is the only month which I have the chance to get away on a family vacation. Last year, we planned to visit Florida and to surprise my daughter for her fifth birthday as well.

After a hectic journey from India to Orlando, Florida and made our way to Disney World

I was overwhelmed with the sites! We had been to Florida several times, but never had the chance to visit Disney World. It is such an awesome place, made up of four theme parks and two water parks.

Every day my little angel was so happy to visit these fantastic fun parks! She was so thrilled with the visit. Her eyes were always glowing and wondering what the next surprise for her would be!

Her happiness and glowing smile, allowed me to be a kid too on that vacation! It took me back to those days around twenty years ago, when I visited an amusement park with my mother, in India. Today, my mother is not here, but holding my daughter's hand and having so much fun, reminded me of those wonderful times with my own mother.

Upon our return to India, my daughter retold her wonderful Disney stories to everyone, over and over again, when I thought she would forget all of the excitement soon after! It made me realize that kids really do grow up so fast.

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