A Florida Keys Vacation!

by James
(Charleston, SC)

When my family and I go on vacation, we try to choose places that have a variety of activities. Each year, we pick a different destination and visit the area for a few days or maybe a week.

This past summer, we decided to go down to Florida, since we had never taken Florida family vacation had never gone there before. When deciding where to go, we pondered visits to several of the Florida beaches, but we decided to visit the Florida Keys.

The vacation was inspired by a Jimmy Buffet song, and even though we didn’t know much about the area before going, it was a great place to visit! When traveling to the Florida Keys, we went down through Florida City and took Highway One which went straight to the Keys, as this seemed like the fastest way to get there, and as we discovered, the only way to get there by road!

It was a long trip, winding through the islands and keys, although the scenery was very pretty at times. When we got there, we stayed at the Marina Del Mar Resort and Marina. It was very close to the marina, and seemed like a good choice, since we were interested in diving and snorkeling.

It was a great family hotel and had tennis courts and a gym, which we used one day when we didn’t feel like leaving the resort. The rooms themselves had plenty of space, although the decor was pretty outdated and dowdy. Overall, a great hotel though.

On the second day we were there, my brothers decided to go fishing while the rest of us went scuba diving and snorkeling. I decided to go snorkeling and the water was beautiful, with a lot of interesting sights underwater. My sister was certified to go scuba diving and enjoyed it a lot. She was able to see a wreck of a navy ship, in over 500 feet of water, which had been purposefully left there a few years ago, to create a coral reef.

The area has a variety of colorful fish and marine life which was exciting to see and definitely made the entire trip worthwhile! One of the days, we went to see the Everglades National Park, but didn’t stay for very long due to the heavy rainstorms.

We did go on the short Anhinga Trail which was little less than a mile and went over the water in several areas. It was very popular and easy to see various types of wildlife and birds.

One thing I would do differently next time I visit Key West and the Florida Keys, I would have flown in, rather than drive, as I found the
drive down to the Keys very long.

Overall, I would definitely recommend a vacation at this awesome
Florida beach in the Florida Keys, as the Keys offered a variety of activities and had a super fun and relaxed atmosphere!.

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